Grace Design Spring Offers

Grace Design Spring Deals

Grace Design make some of the best quality monitors controllers and mic preamps on the market and now you are able to get these with FREE Accessories!! Offer valid until the 31st May.

Marco Pasquariello on the Grace Designs M905 used at Snap Studios.

The Grace M905 is one of the best monitor controllers you can get.

Built to an incredibly high standard with high quality components, it offers an extremely pure signal path plus a wealth of customisable features and presets through the clever GUI. It provides up to 5 inputs, and can feed up to 4 sets of speakers + a sub with all the features you’d expect from a comprehensive monitor controller such as mono, talkback, dim/cut etc.

All levels in and out are customisable via the brightly lit and elegant front panel, plus additional features such as talkback and realtime SPL metering are built in as standard.

Simply put, the M905 is beautifully engineered with a wealth of features, offering an incredibly high quality signal path with extensive calibration options, flexible routing and superb headphone amps.


Grace Design M905A small

Grace Design M905A Analogue Reference Monitor Controller with free Premium Remote Cable

Reference analogue only monitor controller

£2,458.23 ex Vat (£2949.88 Inc Vat)

Grace Design M905 small

Grace Design M905 Reference Monitor Controller with free IR Control & Phono Option

Reference Monitor Controller featuring balanced and unbalanced analogue inputs and outputs.

£3,080.24 ex VAT (£3696.29 Inc Vat)

Grace Design M908 small

Grace Design M908 Monitor Controller with free ADC, Dante or Digilink Card

24 Channel Surround Sound Monitor Controller

6,401.00 ex VAT (£7681.20 Inc Vat)

Grace Design M108 small

Grace Design M108 Mic Preamp with free Dante Card

8 Channel mic Pre / Converter

List Price

£2,846.99 ex VAT (£3416.38 Inc Vat)

Free Gig bags with the Grace Design foot pedals.


Grace Design Alix small

Grace Design Alix Instrument Preamplifier with Free Gig Bag

Studio Quality Instrument Preamplifier / DI / EQ pedal.

£677.22 Ex Vat (£812.66 Inc Vat)

Grace Design Felix small

Grace Design Felix Preamplifier with Free Gig Bag

Felix Preamplifier Quality Two Channel Instrument and Microphone Preamplifier / Blender / EQ

£1,003.77 ex VAT (£1204.50 inc VAT)

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