Gear Of The Year #9 – Trident Audio Series 68

10% Off Trident Audio Series 68

Gear Of The Year #9 | Trident Audio Series 68

The last in our Gear Of The Year 2019 reveals is a piece equipment that has impressed us all at Funky Junk, the Trident Audio Series 68 compact mixing consoles.

Trident’s new 68 series hits a sweet spot with producers and smaller studios alike. A compact, characterful, 8 buss analogue console from a heritage brand; it offers classic 70’s British preamp/eq sound with flexible routing at an affordable price point.

Perfect as a sidecar to a DAW for stem mixing, or as the centre-piece to a smaller tracking facility, it’s available in 16 & 24-channel versions and can be retro fitted with moving fader automation for out-the-box mixing.

The Trident Series 68 combines smooth, high-gain preamps, characterful 3-band EQ’s and 8-buss architecture with multiple inputs, inserts, auxiliary sends and outputs.

There’s no need to take our word for it though – we have the 68-16 up and running on demo so book a test drive and discover what all the fuss is about for yourself.


10% OFF Until 27/02/20

Trident Audio Series 68 16

16 channel, 8 bus small format analogue mixing console

WAS £10600.00 (Ex vat) NOW £9540.00 (Ex Vat)




Trident Audio Series 68 24

24 Channel, 8 bus small format mixing console

WAS £13200.00 (Ex vat) NOW £11880.00 (Ex Vat)



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