Gear of the year #8 – APS Klasik Monitors

Gear Of The Year #8 | APS Klasik Monitors

When choosing nearfield monitors it’s important to know which boxes to tick, as laid out in our guide to nearfields, and over the last year APS Klasiks have ticking boxes left and right here at Funky Junk.

When it comes to nearfield monitors, the pro audio market is rather overpopulated in the £ 500 – £ 1000 bracket.  And, whilst choice is a good thing; too much of it can paralyse or confuse. Everyone seems to need a widget to stand out from the crowd; rare metal tweeters here, DSPs there, sculpted cabinets, coloured woofers, used by…etc etc etc.  To me the endless science and dazzling cosmetics distract potential buyers from the fundamental questions – how does it sound and how well does that translate?

It’s refreshing then to find a nearfield speaker that eschews all the tech-wizadry and glitz in favour of good old fashioned design principles, component selection and construction quality.  Enter Polish audiophile manufacturers APS and their critically acclaimed Klasik active nearfield monitors.  No DSP or cosmetic indulgence going on here; the Klasiks are a straight forward, all analogue, active, rear ported monitor, with two class A/B amps powering a SEAS 7” woofer and crossing over at 3.2kHz to a ¾” tweeter.  On the back panels there are input, tweeter and bass adjustment controls.  And that’s about it.

So, how do they sound?  Well, we’ve run countless nearfield demos for our customers at Funky HQ in recent years and, whilst many other offerings have fallen short, the APS Klassiks have delivered detail, clarity, punchy low end and consistency at a remarkably competitive price.  They translate well to bigger systems and many of our clients agree; they’ve been our best-selling nearfield monitor under £ 1000 once again in 2019.  They may look more like a Ford than an Aston but, who cares if what you really want is great sound.  Book a demo and see if you agree.

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APS KlasikAPS Klasik Active 2-way monitors (pair)

The APS Klasik Active 2 Way Speakers, calibrated to a high standard of consistency and paired. The new Klasik.

WAS £725 (Ex vat) NOW £652.50 (Ex Vat)

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