Gear of the Year #7 – Lynx Aurora N

GOTY 2019 Lynx Aurora N

Gear Of The Year #7 | Lynx Aurora N

For the price and functionality the Lynx Aurora N has been one our staple converters over the last year, surprising us time and time again in converter shoot outs against more expensive and hyped alternatives.

At the turn of the century, in the dark ages of Pro Tools HD there was a decree stating that any interface can be used with the software, as long as it was a Digidesign 192. Whilst there were offerings from Apogee, and high-end solutions from Prism, it wasn’t until a company came along (not MOTU) that things changed considerably.

Around 2006, after many well received PCI solutions, Lynx released the original Aurora, providing both 8 and 16 channel converters, followed closely afterwards by the option of Firewire and the HD L-Slot Interface card, altering the geography of a very small, monopolised market. Offering a great sound, price point and also gave back 1u of rack space.

Even more followed, with the option cards for USB, Madi, ADAT and even Thunderbolt (one of the first non-development partner to release a solid solution) as Lynx continued to develop this product for the next 15 years.

Then in 2017, Lynx announced the new, modular Aurora N. Offering from 8 up to 32 channels of analogue i/o plus mic pre and digital options, all synced with the new Synchroclock 2 as well as each channel pair having had its own dedicated conversion device for the upmost audio quality. On the front panel there are reactive meter options, dedicated headphone outputs as well as an SD card slot (with the ability to record 32 channels directly to this). Along with all of this came N-Control, the newly updated software control, gives you more complex routing options for recording and mixing scenarios.

For an almost two year old product, again, Lynx continue development, with this year seeing the addition of both Dante and the new LT-TB3, Thunderbolt 3 cards. Because of this the product has seen renewed interest as well as being one of our best-selling professional converters of 2019. And as their competitors refresh their range seemingly every six months, it will be great to see how far Lynx continue to push this already great product even further in this coming decade.




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