Gear of the Year #6 – Softube Console 1 Fader

Softube Console 1 Fader Gear of the Year at Funky Junk

Gear Of The Year #6 | Softube Console 1 Fader

The Softube Console 1 has been on demo at Funky Junk since the release of the Console One Fader and for us the combination of the two has completely changed the game for those working largely ITB.

“Unfadeable, so please don’t try to fade this” as Snoop once said. And, by releasing Console one Mk2, a string of great and updated plugin releases and now Console One Fader it seems Softube have proven themselves to be front and center.
Console One introduced the concept of the plugin Chanel strip with hardware control and won rave reviews for its ability for enabling the user to use their eyes less and the ears more. Fader continues this tradition, and can be used as a companion or as a stand-alone controller, though it’s more than a mere control surface. As well as handy transport controls and individual channel meters, the Fader has 10 motorised, touch-sensitive faders for channel levels and other functions, such as Drive and Character, filters, sends levels and gain staging. For more in depth mixing, the layer function allows users to create a VCA group style of work flow, especially useful for larger sessions.
Fader supports the famed Softube console emulations, including the new “American Discrete” and “Tube” channel sounds. Also new is a tactile stereo width control.
As mentioned, Fader can be used in isolation but combined with Console One it really becomes more than the sum of its parts. Together, they give the speed, the sound and workflow of analogue mixing, from a detailed channel level, plus now with elevated session-wide control.

To experience this workflow buy the Console 1 Fader today with a 10% reduction or book a demo to get hands on with Console 1 our state of the art demo facilities.

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Softube Fader 1

Softube Console 1 Fader

The next step on the Softube Console 1 path towards hands-on working in the box with faders, automation writing possibilities and if combined with the console 1 you can build a virtual mixing console specifically for your setup.

WAS £439.17 (ex vat) NOW £395.25 ex VAT (£474.30 Inc)



Softube Console 1 Fader 1 bundleSoftube Console and Fader 1 Bundle 

The ultimate Console bundle. Purchase a Softube Console 1 and the NEW Console 1 Fader with an additional American Class A channel strip plugin and save over £60 off the MSRP!

WAS £750 (ex vat) NOW £687.50 ex VAT (£825 Inc)


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