Gear of the Year #3: SSL Fusion

Gear Of the Year #3 FusionGear Of The Year #3 | SSL Fusion

We’ve had the SSL Fusion on demo at Funky Junk  and needless to say it has impressed. Listen to what we have to say about the Fusion and its workflow in the video and the text below.

Every now and then a product comes along that both captures the imagination and meets the needs of the day.  What’s less common is that it also comes along at an attractive price and from a high pedigree stable. SSL’s Fusion colour box is exactly this type of product.  Fusion is a 2U, analogue Swiss army knife of a processor, that delivers a highly desirable collection of powerful and refined audio finishing tools into the hands of the mix/mastering engineer or the DAW based producer looking to add some analogue gloss to a track.

It’s reassuringly heavy/solidly built and the layout of the 8 tools and their associated controls is clear and logical.  Given there is no such a thing as a single mix “improvement” button that’s exactly what many potential users demand; the ability to add analogue processing into an ITB workflow without a significant recall/reset time burden.

If like me, you sometimes favour using an analogue processor across an ITB mix buss rather than relying purely on plugins for audio polish, you’ll find Fusion’s sound highly rewarding too. Set it up as a hardware mix insert (ITB via your converters or OTB via your console or summing box inserts), press play and start working incrementally left to right with Fusion’s tools. The workflow then goes something like this:

  1.   Getting the input gain staging right (Input Gain and Overload Indicator)
  2.   Removing any unwanted low end artefacts so a clear picture is presented for polishing (High Pass Filter)
  3.   Introducing some subtle tape like drive and harmonic distortion to enrich/enliven the basic sound (Vintage Drive)
  4.  Adjusting overall tonality (Violet EQ in conjunction with the innovative HF compressor
  5. Spreading or tightening the stereo picture if desired (Stereo Image)
  6. Subtly adding some final “iron” into the sound (Transformer
  7. Getting the output gain staging right so you hit your AD converters in the sweet spot (Output Gain & Meter)

The addition of in/out buttons for the major tools enables you to determine what difference each is making, (a useful sanity check when you’ve built a mix chain that uses them all!) and better still; there’s a switchable insert path through which to  bring your favourite mix compressor into the chain.

At 1,500 ex VAT, Fusion represents very good value for money given the tools on offer, construction quality and sound.

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SSL Fusion Gear of the Year 2019SSL Fusion Analogue Outboard Processor

The SSL Fusion is an all-analogue 2U outboard processor created for the modern hybrid studio. Colour your source with drive saturation, add sparkle and bass with the new 2 band violet EQ and add width with the M/S Stereo controls.

WAS £1,416.66 (ex vat) NOW £1,275 ex VAT (£1,530 Inc)


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