Gear of the Year #2 – PMC Result6

10% OFF PMC REsult 6 Until 13/02/20

Gear Of The Year #2 | PMC Result6

The Devil, as they say, is in the detail. And when it comes to professional loudspeakers, PMC has an enviable reputation for unveiling him. Result 6, PMC’s entry level active nearfield monitors, exude their trademark focused but natural sound within a small footprint, at a realistic price.

Borrowing much of what they have learnt from 3 decades of design, manufacturing and their continual development of transmission line technology, there’s a lot more going on in these futuristic looking boxes than first meets the eye.  The low end extension from the 6.5” woofer is impressive thanks to their use of a 1.5m Advanced Transmission Line (ATL) within the cabinet design. ATLs basically use a combination of bracing and acoustic treatment within the cabinet to project a greater portion of the low end signal forward than more traditional designs, creating a punchy, extended but natural bass that is consistent across all levels.  From 2kHz upwards the 27mm Soft dome tweeter comes into play. On hi-hat, ride, acoustic guitar etc you can really here the benefits of PMC’s experience and component selection – crisp, clear, fast and unfatiguing are the words I would use. The overall picture then is remarkably detailed and the sweet spot is wide, meaning whether you’ve got your head buried in them during the mix or are a bit further away playing an instrument; the sound is pleasantly consistent.

10% OFF PMC Result6 UNTIL 13/02/20


PMC Result6 active nearfield monitorsPMC Result6 Active Nearfield monitors

The Result 6 is an active two-way reference monitor that offers all the attributes for which PMC is world-renowned: high resolution and detail, accurate, extended bass, consistent tonal balance at all levels, wide dispersion and sweet spot.

WAS £1,662.50 (ex vat) NOW £1495.83 ex VAT (£1795.50 Inc)


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