EMI TG 12345 Progress Update

The long running saga of…THAT EMI TG console.

Welcome to the latest (and pretty much the final) instalment of the EMI console refurb.
We’ll be posting a pictorial diary and account of this nuts and bolts refurb, but here we see the finished desk being carefully assembled by Peter Higgs of Mode Engineering prior to a period of soak testing.

It’s fair to say that this might now be the best example of a TG 12345 console in the universe. Lincoln Fong has painstakingly rebuilt and refurbished all the modules from component level, Graeme Jones has strengthened the chassis (these desks are pretty flimsy), Peter and Lincoln have refurbished the meters and faders, and new front panels have been screened in original colours (we’ve kept the originals, which can be replaced if required). On top of this, faders have been refurbed and new legends fitted, the frame has been refinished in the original paint and from top to bottom, the desk is a close to factory condition as it’s possible to get. Needless to say, it sounds spectacular. The one thing we haven’t done (but will do if requested) is to replace the original wooden buffer (not shown) as we know some owners prefer the original patina, but if requested we’ll have a new buffer craftsman made and like the front panels, will make sure the next owner has the original so he or she can refit at any stage if required.

This has taken the best part of three years, securing specialist skills, tracking down or manufacturing original or replacement parts (including screws!) and taking as long as required to make everything perfect.