EMI BTR3 Tape Recorder with a Little Brother

Here’s something you won’t see in the Chandler catalogue – you probably won’t see it in Abbey Road.
These two gems from the Eccentric collection are from an era where tape ruled, computers were a twinkle in a mad scientist’s eye and all self-respecting musicians wore flares and hair down to their bum (and the girls wore their hair even longer).

EMI tape recorder
The big-brother EMI BTR3 tape recorder may well have recorded the Beatles or even Peter Sellers…who knows? Not me, that’s for sure… Bristling with tubes, it’s probably on a par  with a Studer C37 – it’s the same generation anyway; it’s a true piece of heavy metal.  Cuddling up beside it is my latest acquisition, a cute as cute can be EMI portable recorder.
I doubt either are unique, both are amongst the rarest of the rare. Collectable sure. Useable? Indeed, but both need work (but don’t we all when we reach that age?).

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