New Desktop Monitor Controller from Audient

Audient Announce Nero

Audient Announce NEW Desktop Monitor Controller NERO

As the need to hear our music across a wide range sources ever increases, so does the necessity to centralise and subsequently control those devices. It’s at this point we welcome Audient’s latest arrival – Nero.

Building on over 20 years of expertise in analogue console heritage, Nero is a dedicated monitor controller with a few tricks up it’s sleeve. Featuring a comprehensive set of I/O, Precision Matched Attenuation Technology and smart touch-points, it’s clearly been designed with the end-user in mind – offering streamlined, switchable access to all your playback devices with minimum fuss. Inputs include 4 balanced Analogue Ins, as well as optical and coaxial options; whilst the Output section offers 3 stereo speaker outs, 1 assignable sub out and 4 headphone outs, all with independent control. Audient have also implemented their unique ‘Precision Matched Attenuation Technology’, a feature that automatically aligns the Left and Right channel’s volume so as to prevent any deviation in the balance of sound. A neat addition for those that need confidence that what they’re hearing is 100% accurate in the stereo field.

Utilising Audient’s vast experience in implementing monitor control in both recording consoles and desktop controllers, Nero features David Dearden circuitry alongside a range of flexible monitor controls including dedicated talk-back, cut & dim along with polarity, mono, speaker select and cue mix monitoring. Smart Touchpoints enable you to customise your workflow on the fly by easily configuring Nero’s outputs and monitor controls to create combinations that are unique to your set-up. Simply hold down a Smart Touchpoint to put it into setup mode, select your routing options and press it again to save. Easy!

Shipping end of May, we’re now taking pre-orders so get in touch or give us a call to register your interest. The Nero is currently shipping at £375 Inc VAT.

For more info, including full list of Tech Specs, click here.