ATC Speakers; Simply The Best

ATC monitors are becoming industry standard for leading recording studios, producers and musicians in the UK.

Accurate, unobtrusive, reliable and with plenty of headroom, ATC speakers help translate your music from mix to mastering with a minimum of tweaks.

ATC is specialist in the manufacture of loudspeaker drive units and completing sound reproduction systems, including the relevant electronic equipment. Also designing systems to achieve levels of performance far excess of the industry norm.

We’re proud to always carry plenty of ATC speakers in stock, which are in continuous demo.

So feel free to get in touch and one of our team will happily help you figure out which ATC monitor suits your needs best!


Air Lyndhurst, SNAP Studios, State of the Arc, Kore, Fish Factory, Beetroute, Premesis, Alive Network, Supertone Records, Brighton Electric, Curve Pusher (Vinyl Cutting), Alchemy Mastering, Dean Street, Angel Studios, Loud Mastering, The Dairy, Mute Records, British Grove Studios

Fred Gibson, Charlie Hugall, Richard Evans, Tom Rowlands, Martin Hannah, David Lord, Will Gregory – Goldfrapp, Steve Robson, Francis (Egg) White, Barney Freeman, Rhuadri, Cushnan, Calvin Harris, Kate Bush, Mark Ronson

Orlando Leopard – Arthur Beatrice, Kevin Shields – My Bloody Valentine, Young Turks, The Libertines, Supertone Records, McFly, Placebo, Mumford and Sons, Matt Prior, Jamiroquai, Coldplay, David Gilmour

University of Nottingham, Birmingham Conservatory of Music, Surrey University, Tonmeister, Royal Academy of Music, Kingston University – Visconti Studio, York University, London College of Music, Essex University, Bristol University, University of Wales, Bath University

BBS, Carlton Television, Sculpted Music, Koch and Gilpin, WTS Broadcast, The Maidstone Studios (Jules Holland)




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