API Announce 50th Anniversary Modules

To celebrate their 50th Anniversary, API have just announced something very special indeed – two beautifully engineered 500 series modules. Crafted to the exact specification as the original Saul Walker design from the early 1970’s, the API 312 Anniversary Edition Mic Pre has been built from the ground up to faithfully match the circuitry of the original 312 microphone preamp famously used in API consoles throughout the 1970’s. Hand-wired and finished in a luxury gold styling, the module features API’s legendary AP2516 Input Transformer along with a vintage-style VU meter and peak LED indicator.

To accompany the 312 is an Anniversary Edition of their 550A discrete 3 band EQ. The 550A has played an integral part in recording studios around the world for nearly 50 years now, and remains to be one of the most sought-after EQ’s ever produced, admired for both it’s flexibility over a wide range of sources, as well as having a wide and natural sweet-spot. Implementing Saul Walker’s inimitable 2520 op-amp alongside his ‘Proportional Q’ circuitry puts this EQ in a class of its own, delivering unparalleled performance in a package truly unbefitting of its size.

API Audio 50th Anniversary modules

A true testament to the ingenuity of Saul Walker, each unit is a genuine work of art, both inside and out, and represents a piece of recording history. Both modules will be available in limited edition runs of 100 units each so if you’re tempted, you’ll need to be quick!

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