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Antelope Audio Zen Studio+ Audio InterfaceAntelope Audio Zen Studio+ Audio Interface

The Antelope AudioZen Studio+ is a professional portable interface. It features
powerful FPGA FX library, extensive analogue and digital connectivity,
12 worldclass mic preamps and Antelope’s signature clocking and
conversion. With both ThunderboltTM and USB connectivity,
Zen Studio+ is the most versatile high-end mobile recording system and
capable of turning any location into a professional recording studio.


WAS: £1,849 ex VAT

NOW: £1,650 ex VAT. Only until April 30th 2018!

Antelope Audio Orion Studio HD Audio Interface

Antelope Audio Orion Studio HD Audio Interface - Front

The Orion Studio HD is a powerful and affordable HDX unit. It offers
additional connectivity on USB 3.0 and comes fully equipped with 40+
authentic models of legendary units from BAE, Grove Hill, Gyraf Audio
and Lang. More authentic models of EQs, compressors, guitar amps and
cabinets are constantly being added to its library.
With extended analogue I/O, 12 Class A Mic Pres and enhanced
conversion, Orion Studio HD can fit any DAW workflow. It’s the perfect
entry to your current or future HD setup.


WAS: £2,662.50 ex VAT

NOW: £1,925 ex VAT. Only until April 30th 2018!


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