Announcing the APS Aeon 2 Bass Extender and APS Aeon 2 bundle

APS Aeon 2 and Aeon 2 Bass Extender included in the Aeon 2 Bundle

In celebration of the arrival of the brand new APS Aeon 2 Bass Extender Funky Junk we have teamed up with APS to offer you the opportunity to buy a pair of Aeon 2 monitors and Bass Extenders for an attractive £1000 off list price!

Fresh from the design bench at APS are these fabulous additions to APS’s Aeon 2 nearfield monitors; the Aeon 2 Bass Extender. These matching extension cabinets turn your beloved Aeon 2s into a fully-fledged 3 way near/mid field monitoring system with the addition of a Class D powered 9 inch woofer with carefully chosen crossover circuit to share the load with the Aeon 2 across low, mid and high frequency ranges. The results are impressive; even clearer imaging, improved separation and a focused bass extension that doesn’t sound hyped or unnatural. Don’t take our word for it though; book a demo here and hear it for yourself.

For more details on the APS Aeon 2 bundle see the product page here, alternatively view the entire APS Aeon series here.