To start at the beginning…

Under the logistical eye of new recruit Nick T, the first stage of the Funky Summer reorganisation has been to rejig the main workshop, storage and chaos-pit area behind the loading shutters.

All sorts of stuff had accumulated over the years, husbanded by Funky Squirrels in the belief it might come in useful one day. Well, sadly those days have gone so a massive clearance was organised; gear was given away, thrown away and magicked away and the resulting space reorganised to provide goods in/goods out, storage, console demo and service areas. Like painting the Forth Bridge, the project is ongoing as efficiency, order and sanity replaces clutter and chaos.

The plan over the summer is to move the office upstairs in the admin block, refurbish the vacated ground floor space and transfer the new equipment showroom and demo area from the shop (which will go) to the vacated space.

Phase one has gone well. The new office was cleared, blitzed, painted and carpeted and desks and IT moved upstairs. As always, there was a feck-factor when the carpet layers nailed through a water pipe providing the downstairs with an unplanned shower. Half an hour of soaking panic later, the flood was stemmed, thankfully having done little damage, although the need to dry out the resulting Hornsey Lido has led to a week or so delay in getting on with phase two.

Next week we launch the mother of all summer sales to clear stock to minimise the gear we have to move from the shop to the new showroom. Hopefully there will be bargains galore, as we’ve identified a bunch of stuff we want to see the back of virtually irrespective of price.

All being well, the move will be complete by early August, enabling us to offer a more efficient, organised and grin-friendly service to friends and clients worldwide.

The Office Move In Action!