Is that sleigh bells I hear or an ambulance on the Hornsey Road? And is that the patter of tiny feet hanging up a stocking or pigeons defecating on the roof?

Why wait for miserly Santa when you can treat yourself to one of our sparkling goodies for Christmas?

Of course, we have a complete range of new stocking fillers at seasonal goodwill prices, including the ultra glossy and comprehensive guide to vintage and classic keyboards… Push Turn Move – Interface Design in Electronic Music by Kim Bjorn – the perfect gift for gran. And let’s not forget little Millie; you know what she wants…one of 500 special limited edition Neumann U87 rhodium presentation mics.

Best grab one before they all go to avoid tantrums round the tree on Yuletide morning when big brother Tommy unwraps that new SSL Duality you sneaked down the chimney.



AKG C414B-XLS. Mint £399 ea
C414B-XLS Matched Pair. Mint £799 ea
SE300B/CK91. High quality pencil mic/ cardioid £180 ea
C747 lectern/conference. £170 ea
D190E Dynamic Microphone £80
C451E We currently have one silver and one black finish in stock £199 ea
FLEA Rare if not unique opportunity to acquire a custom made FLEA U47 made to the same spec as the original with VF14 tube and new/old stock capsule. Looks and sounds exactly like a vintage U47 but less than half the price! £Call
C12 built to vintage spec as above with original CK12 capsule and General Electric 5-star 6072A tube. Totally original but less than half the price! £Call
LEWITT LCT 840 Classic microphone with modern features £599
DTP 640 REX Kick Drum Microphone £199
NEUMANN U67 Classic Tube Mic £ Call
  U67 Telefunken badged Classic Tube Mic £ Call
U87 P48 Original black faced condenser mic £2300
U87 P48 Original silver faced condenser mic £2300
KMS 104 Vocal mic £349
PELUSO P28 Small Diaphragm tube mic £549
PLACID AUDIO Copperphone Dynamic effects microphone £150
SENNHEISER MKH416T with 48v adaptor £350
SPEIDEN SF-12 Stereo Ribbon Microphone £1499


BAE 1073 with psu. Boxed as new (rack mount) £1700
BUZZAUDIO REQ-2.2 Mastering EQ. As new. SOLD
CHANDLER Curvebender mega eq; psu. demo/full warranty £3499
CRANESONG STC8. Superb discrete dual/stereo compressor £1999
DW FEARN VT-5 Dual tube eq. Beautifully made; sounds great £4500
DRAWMER 1960 Vacuum Tube Compressor/Mic preamp £650
EMPIRICAL LABS Matched Pair Distressors. Boxed SOLD
GREAT RIVER 32EQ 500 series high end eq (1 available) £499ea
MANLEY Massive Passive MASTERING. Boxed; mint £2999
NEVE 8816 summing mixer £1499
8816 remote fader pack and cables for above £ 699
PRISM ADA8XR 6 Out / AES / AES (2 available) £2200
REVOX B77 analogue 2 track. Serviced. With Case £ 599
SSL Mynx (XLogic lunchbox) loaded dynamics
And mic pre
£ 999
TC ELECTRONICS System 6000 with Icon (black). Analogue and digital. Excellent condition. 1x 8way AES I/O card, 3x 2way Analogue I/O cards. Extra software licences MD3, MD5.1, Brickwall, VP8, Toolbox 5.1. £ Call
TRIDENT CB9066 classic 1970s eq (as in series 80) £ 999
TUBETECH PE1C tube full range equaliser. VGC £1100


NEVE 3114. 3b mic pre/eq. Amazing. In 1073 sized
Housing ready to fit your 1073 rack
33610 classic mono discrete comp £2900
FAIRCHILD 670. The ultimate stereo tube EQ. £CALL
FOCUSRITE ISA 115. The original and classic dual pre/eq £2200
TANNOY Due soon; original Lockwoods with 15” Monitor Golds £CALL


GENELEC 1031A The best nearfields ever? £999 pr
JBL 4311B. Classic 3 way JBLs. Hifi condition £999 pr
PROAC STUDIO 100. Rosewood. Boxed as new; rare £999 pr
QUAD 520 power amp. Excellent £499 pr
240 power amp £350 pr
405 power amp £180 pr
ROGERS / SPENDOR Beautiful LS3/5A; oak finish. Superb and rare £999 pr


SOUNDCRAFT 6000 Series. Serviced. £4999
TRIDENT Vector 432 Classic Console £25,000

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