vat-and-taxEEC customers with a valid registration number in their country will not be charged VAT at the point of sale or upon the importation of goods. Non registered customers must pay the tax at the point of sale but will not be charged any additional taxes or duty upon importation.

Exports to non-EEC countries are tax free although there may be taxes and/or duty payable upon import. Please do not ask us to provide artificially reduced invoices in order to reduce any import duties or taxes payable as this is illegal and customs and excise in the UK and abroad will apply penal charges to any retailer or customer trying to evade legitimate duties.
We cannot prepay taxes and duties at the point of sale, as these must be paid upon import by the customers. We can advise what these amounts should be based upon the published international rates but have found that some countries levy arbitrary amounts and this is beyond our control.

A few counties require special paperwork or valuations to accompany international shipments. We export to more than fifty countries worldwide and are experienced at supplying relevant documentation. However, we would ask customers to advise us of any special requirements and if in doubt, to contact their local authorities. This particularly applies to parts of Africa, the Middle East, the Asian sub-continent and China. Although sometimes daunting for new buyers, this paperwork is relatively straight forward and we can usually assist easily. However, if in doubt, please ask…

Shipping quotations for larger items are always an estimate and we do our utmost to provide accurate costs and schedules. However, we cannot be responsible for additional charges levied by shipping companies over and above those we have initially been advised. Similarly, we work hard to ensure delivery deadlines are met and only use shippers who have proved reliable during our many years of exporting goods. Nevertheless, shipments can experience short delays so we advise customers to allow a little leeway when planning a project that depends upon the receipt of large and bulky shipments.

We have twenty-five years’ experience of exporting to all parts of the world and this helps ensure that our export service is cost-effective, efficient and painless. We are happy to discuss and advise on your requirements, no matter where you may be.