Systems Integration

Systems Integration

When it comes to systems integration, designing and supplying complete studio packages,there is no substitute for experience and technical expertise.

tonmeister-sm Funky Junk has been supplying professional studio equipment for two decades. Indeed, it would probably be easier to post a list of successful artists, producers and recording studios who aren’t clients rather than those who are. In January 2009, for example, four of the top five UK albums were recorded in studios built or largely equipped by us – a testament to the fact that the gear we recommend delivers results.

Equipping a professional recording studio is not merely a question of wandering around an audio cyber-supermarket clicking a shopping trolley. A recording rig must be compatible, must be properly installed and commissioned to deliver reliable, top quality results year-in, year-out. And if one link in the chain fails, the customer must have the security of knowing that he is supported by quick, expert in-house after-sales. After all, if your gear is your business, second rate advice, service or support is not acceptable.

Funky Junk has more experience in supplying, installing and commissioning complete studio systems than any other audio supplier in Europe. Moreover, we now enjoy unique and exclusive arrangements with most manufacturers authorising us to supply and integrate complete systems worldwide, including the latest analogue and digital Solid State Logic consoles. All of this is backed by our experienced staff of in-house engineers and a multilingual staff, who speak fluent Russian, Italian, Israeli, Spanish and Portuguese as well as a smattering of English. ssl-consoles-3 We will not merely advise clients on the most cost-effective recording packages, often combining new and reconditioned used equipment to maximise value, but design the installation, make the required cabling in our workshops and then complete the installation and commissioning on-site. We can even offer specialist architectural and acoustic design and user-training if required.

In short, Funky Junk offers an international centre of audio excellence, available to clients as far apart as China, Russia, Eastern Europe, India or the Middle East. We are happy to advise on the best equipment for any purpose, be that film, post-production, music recording or broadcast and can work within your budget, no matter how large or small. And crucially, within the context of an integrated system, we can supply high-end audio equipment of every brand fully authorised and supported by the manufacturer’s warranty in conjunction with our in-house service expertise.

Not merely do we offer the best value for money, the best technical standards, the best advice and the best support but make it as simple as one, two, three.

So if you’re planning a new project, give us a call and let us take the pressure from your shoulders as we have for countless satisfied clients over the last twenty years.

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