Studio Build

Studio Build

When it comes to Studio build Funky Junk is not merely different, it’s unique.

Funky Junk has been involved in building, equipping and installing top-flight recording studios around the world for over twenty years.

As Audio Systems Integrators we are uniquely authorised to offer turnkey package installations to buyers on all five continents, supported by our skilled technical and design staff.

So whether you need the best studio architects, skilled acousticians, experienced studio builders, comprehensive wiring, the best advice on keenly priced equipment and finance options, we cover every area or can offer everything rolled into one simple inclusive package. If you’re serious about your project, give us a call or better still, come in to chew the fat and see the difference over a cup of tepid tea or coffee.


From its inception, more than twenty years ago, Funky Junk has always been a different kind of pro-audio business.

Funky has always put technical expertise and support above all else, with sales more of an adjunct to service than the other way round, as can be seen by the fact that even now, despite having grown into Europe’s leading supplier of new and used professional audio equipment to the recording industry, we boast five skilled engineers as opposed to only two dedicated sales staff.

Unlike other suppliers, we work hand-in-hand with our client base not merely to advise on the best equipment for their purposes but also to ensure that it’s properly lined up, serviced and installed, ready to deliver optimum performance. We’re gratified that our efforts have been recognised in dozens of unsolicited album credits in recognition of our input and dedication to optimising sound quality for artists, producers and studios around the world. No other pro-audio supplier can boast such a level of appreciation from their customers.

Bearing in mind the wealth of in-house technical experience and skill, it’s hardly surprising that our services are increasingly called upon to advise upon and manage recording projects for leading artists. From custom patchbay or location recording wiring construction to complete studio design, build, gear supply and installation, Funky Junk is fast becoming the chosen contractor for music companies throughout Europe and beyond.

Our ‘Friends’ page shows examples of studios that we’ve supplied with consoles, monitors and associated equipment as far apart as China, Norway, Russia, India, Australia and most parts of Europe. Although all equipment is thoroughly serviced at our premises in London, typically an engineer will travel to commission the equipment on-site and ensure that everything works perfectly after delivery.

In recent years we’ve advised and assisted with several complete studio builds from design to completion. We work in partnership with some of the world’s most experienced and respected studio architects and acousticians including John Flynn (ADG) and Thomas Rast (Tom Hidley), specialist studio builders such as eHZ and leading mains and audio installation companies such as Westwick Installation and Newfield King. We can often arrange visits by appointment to studios we and our technical partners have been involved with as architects and installation contractors including Abbey Road (ADG), Air Lyndhurst, British Grove and Sphere (Westwick) and Sarm (ADG and Newfield King). Better still, we are happy to show potential customers our recently completed Snap! Studios, incorporating design, balanced mains, installation and equipment by Funky Junk in combination with Westwick Installation.

If you’re planning a project on whatever scale, from a modest home or live recording rig to a complete studio complex anywhere in the world, give us a call or better still pop in for a chat and a guided tour of our technical facilities and our self built Snap! Studios.

To see how we built Snap! Studios in detail please visit the Snap! Blog.


Unlike other audio suppliers, Funky Junk has an in-house technical and service department staffed by qualified techs with years (centuries?) of professional experience. We’re ‘old school’ in that we know how to design and install audio equipment properly to ensure maximum performance with minimum noise. Indeed, our techs have been involved in designing, project managing and installing scores of famous studios over the years, including Air Oxford Street (George Martin), Air Monserrat, Air Lyndhurst, Westside, SNAP! and many more. Where other dealers scratch their heads and hum along with the earth loops, our boffins are expert noisebusters.

As a professional, your music matters so don’t compromise on install or maintenance. We won’t.


Funky Junk has been supplying professional studio equipment for two decades. Indeed, it would probably be easier to post a list of successful artists, producers and recording studios who aren’t clients rather than those who are. In January 2009, for example, four of the top five UK albums were recorded in studios built or largely equipped by us – a testament to the fact that the gear we recommend delivers results.

ssl-consoles-3Equipping a professional recording studio is not merely a question of wandering around an audio cyber-supermarket clicking a shopping trolley. A recording rig must be compatible, must be properly installed and commissioned to deliver reliable, top quality results year-in, year-out. And if one link in the chain fails, the customer must have the security of knowing that he is supported by quick, expert in-house after-sales. After all, if your gear is your business, second rate advice, service or support is not acceptable.

Funky Junk has more experience in supplying, installing and commissioning complete studio systems than any other audio supplier in Europe. Moreover, we now enjoy unique and exclusive arrangements with most manufacturers authorising us to supply and integrate complete systems worldwide, including the latest analogue and digital Solid State Logic consoles. All of this is backed by our experienced staff of in-house engineers and a multilingual staff, who speak fluent Russian, Italian, Israeli, Spanish and Portuguese as well as a smattering of English. We will not merely advise clients on the most cost-effective recording packages, often combining new and reconditioned used equipment to maximise value, but design the installation, make the required cabling in our workshops and then complete the installation and commissioning on-site. We can even offer specialist architectural and acoustic design and user-training if required.

In short, Funky Junk offers an international centre of audio excellence, available to clients as far apart as China, Russia, Eastern Europe, India or the Middle East. We are happy to advise on the best equipment for any purpose, be that film, post-production, music recording or broadcast and can work within your budget, no matter how large or small. And crucially, within the context of an integrated system, we can supply high-end audio equipment of every brand fully authorised and supported by the manufacturer’s warranty in conjunction with our in-house service expertise.

Not merely do we offer the best value for money, the best technical standards, the best advice and the best support but make it as simple as one, two, three.

So if you’re planning a new project, give us a call and let us take the pressure from your shoulders as we have for countless satisfied clients over the last twenty years.