From time to time we donate equipment to charities involved with musical projects in the community. We’re gratified that so many talented individuals in our industry give their time and resources to help those least able to help themselves and we get back far more than we could ever put in when we see and hear the results.

We’re keen to encourage customers to donate their surplus equipment to charity. After all, most of us have bits and pieces with little or no resale value cluttering up our studios. Old Protools systems, ropey monitors, cheap mics and outboard may be useless to us but to others who’ve never had the opportunity to use even the most basic gear, it can offer a doorway to an enjoyable pastime or ignite a passion that brings purpose to life. On occasions, it can provide a way back to a fulfilling life or an initial step towards a longterm career.

The charities listed below provide valuable access to recording facilities and opportunities for a variety of clients. They enjoy our wholehearted support and we’d love you to think of them if you’re having a clear out. We can assist with collection, distribution and delivery if required. We’ll even include you in a list of donors if like, so you can rub shoulders with the likes of Calvin Harris and Sir Richard Stilgoe.

Thanks in advance.

The Funky Crew

The Piano – Arts & Media School Islington

Our charity scheme has helped out a number of worthwhile causes and continues to do so.

We donated some keyboards and backline to the Arts & Media School Islington (London). During the process, the college technician mentioned that the school was in desperate need of a grand piano for their magnificent new theatre; they have a number of exceptionally gifted piano students.

After examining various options, including a very generous offer to donate an instrument from Don Larkin, I remembered that our friend and client, Steve Baker, had a beautiful Yamaha C7 Grand in storage following his move from a relatively large house to a smaller flat. Steve – a gifted pianist and composer – was (and is) sentimentally attached to the instrument, and although unable to accommodate it at present didn’t want to part with it. He generously agreed to lend it to the college in exchange for my paying removal, tuning and repair and insurance costs.

The piano was delivered to its new home two months ago and was put to almost immediate use in the college spring concert, attended by Steve amongst others. Steve’s Yamaha has proved an invaluable addition to the concert hall, providing a professional quality instrument to inspire and assist the talented staff and gifted students.

Thanks Steve, and thank you Fussi Anderson.

Here’s Simone re-wiring some headphones for Finding Rythms


A recent Sound On Sound article on our work with St Mungo’s


Basement Jaxx donations

Simone and Duncan (Basement Jaxx)

Are you involved with a charity in the audio field?

If you’d like to be included in this directory, please send details to:

Charities we support include…

Amy Winehouse Foundation
Music For All

List of donees

  • Calvin Harris Various keyboards, outboard and mics
  • Sir Richard Stilgoe Home studio equipment including tape recorder, desk, synths and outboard
  • Basement Jaxx Keyboards and various outboard
  • Julie Harvey Various cables,mixer, amps and monitor controller
  • Georgios Manios – Shure SM57, AKG D112, Crown P2M, Alesis A1
  • Steve Baker – Yamaha C7 Grand piano