Funky Junk | Why Buy From Us


30 years of service to the industry, an enviable client base and great feedback.

You’ll be in good company when choosing Funky Junk as your partner for Pro Audio Bundles. From the mid 90’s when we specified/supplied bespoke studio bundles to Red Bull’s global network of studios, 360 Mastering and Brittannia Row to more recent months where we’ve specified/supplied Coda Mastering, September Management, Cherrytone Studios, Hachette, Zulu Records and Submarine Cat we have earned a reputation for exceeding expectations. As a result, these and many more successful clients have remained a loyal part of the Funky family.

Professional Expertise

Based on commercial studio operation and delivered by industry professionals.

Understanding your objectives, how best to help you achieve them and paying attention to the detail only comes with experience. Funky Junk is unique in bringing the experience of designing, building and running a successful London based commercial studio to the equation when it comes to helping you plan yours. We know what works and what doesn’t from significant real world experience.

Unbeatable Client Service

The best reputation for advice, consultation, facilitation and after sales support.

We will assist you with developing concepts, producing wiring diagrams and patchbay plans during the specification phase and be on hand to help iron out any teething problems post supply. As standard, we will normal/half normal and label all patchbays within a bundle to your agreed spec. We won’t just sell and ship you a list of gear and expect you to crack on.


Impartial recommendations and empowering facilities to try before you buy.

Whether it’s arranging a speaker shootout in our London demo facilities or a visit to a console manufacturer for you, we provide the facilities and impartial expertise you need to make an informed purchasing decision, one that meets your needs, exceeds your expectations and fits your wallet.

Product Range

The best in New, Vintage & Used.

There’s very little we would recommend that we can’t supply new and we are one of the few retailers who are also vintage and used specialists; giving you access to a wide and proven range of products to choose from in your bundle.

Technical Support

Repairs, Installation & Warranty Assurance.

Our skilled in house tech department are on hand to give front line warranty support to any bundle you purchase from Funky Junk and where on site installation support is required we can arrange to provide that at a very reasonable cost. If lengthy periods of downtime are a concern, you can rest easy knowing this is a unique part of our service that is well resourced.


Price Match, Finance Options & Part Exchange.

We are competitive on price and try to price match any genuine lower offer on a bundle. We make bundles more attainable to business and personal clients through our specialist finance provision partners and we also offer part exchange on select items to reduce costs.


Large Stock Holdings, Worldwide Shipping & VAT Free Export.

We ship safely worldwide to anything from a residential address to a lighthouse boat! We can part ship items to fit your build/installation schedule or hold and fully ship as required. We can also export to EU registered businesses VAT free.