In Store Demos

In Store Demos

Here at Funky Junk, we understand the importance of being able to audition equipment in a critical listening environment before making a purchase.

Decisions based upon online opinion, low quality audio samples and online videos can be misleading, there’s simply no substitute for being able to try a piece of kit for yourself with meaningful comparisons.

Funky Junk offers you the ability to test a wide range of professional audio equipment in our popular London demonstration facility.

Our purpose built, acoustically treated demonstration room meets professional studio control room standards, so you can be assured that when you demo equipment here you are hearing the equipment and not the space.

You really will be able to hear the difference. Our friendly and informative staff are experienced and knowledgeable audio professionals who will assist you in getting the most out of your demo time.

We regularly run focus weeks featuring different aspects of production from monitors & microphones to convertors & consoles so, don’t chance disappointment – book a demo slot to let your ears decide what is right for you!

Examples of previous demos

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Want to try in your room?

We also run a demo loan scheme where you can try out equipment in your own studio. Please contact us for details or if you have any specific requirements.