Demo Facilities

At Funky Junk, we understand the importance of being able to audition equipment in a critical listening environment before making a purchase.

Over the years, we’ve invested heavily in providing you with superb London-based demonstration facilities, where you can accurately assess and meaningfully compare equipment on your short list and, in conjunction with our demo loan scheme, find the right solution to suit your workflow, your budget and your space. Our demo rooms are built and treated to enable you to hear the differences between comparable products and make your own mind up about them. You won’t get that from an online channel, download or forum.

Now we’ve taken it up a level by adding a second room and broadening the types of demos you can do with us. We’ve also provided you with a refurbished reception suite to relax and discuss your needs over a coffee with our friendly and experienced team. We run regular focus weeks on different aspects of production from monitors & microphones to convertors & consoles so, inform your decisions by booking a demo today and let your ears decide what is right!

Gear Up For Christmas

We are happy to announce that con-inciding with our Gear Up To Christmas promos starting now we are having a whole range of quality mixing consoles that will be available you you to come and try during the next few weeks.

These will include an SSL AWS 948 Delta and a Trident Series 88C set up in the Monitorium with 8 channels of audio being fed into each console so you’re albe to come and try whithin the realms of a proper recording studio enviroment.

In the Minitorium we will be featuring the fantastic new Trident 68 Series desk alongside the SSL XL Desk.

We’ll also have a slection of used consoles for demo including the API 1608 and the Cadac 16-8-8.

So book your demo now using the form below…

The Monitorium

Trident 88C vs SSL AWS948 Delta


The Monitorium is built and treated to commercial control room standards and provides professional facilities to:

  • Compare Main to Mid-field monitors from the likes of ATC, PMC, Neumann and others
  • Demo large format analogue consoles such as our centrepiece Trident 8824 Custom
  • Compare converters from Prism, Lynx, Universal Audio and others
  • Compare high-end microphones and preamps from a host of manufacturers on voice and single instrument sources
  • Compare all manner of rack and API 500 series outboard within Hybrid & Out of the Box workflows
  • Compare In the Box mixes to Hybrid & Analogue

The Minitorium

Funky Junk Demos


The Minitorium is built and treated to project and home-studio standards and provides professional facilities to:

  • Compare Near-field monitors from the likes of ATC, PMC, APS, Neumann, ProAc and others
  • Compare high-end Headphones from the likes of Sennheiser & Beyerdynamic in stereo and Immersive 3d audio formats.
  • Demo small-format/desktop analogue mixers such as our Trident 6816 or the SSL SiX
  • Compare high-end analogue & hybrid synthesisers
  • Demo our extensive range of vintage and used outboard
  • Hear the difference discrete and affordable treatment can make to your space with a range of products from Sound Zero Acoustic Solutions.

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