Cables & Installation

Cables & Installation


So you’ve bought your gear and now face the daunting task of wiring it all up.

Relax…these days this is more straightforward than ever, partly because of the introduction of standard D-sub connections on much modern gear and partly because we’re here to help with a range of cables and looms to suit all requirements and budgets, many off the shelf.

Cables are often the Cinderella of an install. Far from being an afterthought, wiring should be central to your planning. Your expensive equipment can never deliver the quality you’ve paid for if the signal degrades or even worse, becomes intermittent in the middle of that crucial take. So make sure that you employ the best cabling and installation that you can afford.

Here at Funky Junk, we offer a variety of solutions, all rigorously field-tested to ensure reliability and optimum quality within every price range. These include…

Hosa Cables and LoomsHosa D-sub and other looms.

These are made to a price but offer good quality cabling at a low price, adequate for fixed installation where looms and cables aren’t being constantly replugged (although make sure you use cable ties to ensure the connectors are firmly locked in place). We’ve supplied hundreds of Hosa looms without problems and recommend them for many rigs in preference to other more expensive products.

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Van Damme CablesVan Damme custom cables and looms.

These are hand made to order, using oxygen free Van Damme cable and good quality connectors. At twice the price of the Hosa looms, larger systems can be quite expensive but there is no substitute for quality in professional rigs. Indeed, the optimum balance between quality and economy is often to utilise a combination of Hosa and van Damme wiring.

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Vovox cablesVovox handmade silver-core cables.

The very best cabling will give a noticeable improvement in sound, as signal loss is minimised, resulting in better definition, imagery and frequency response. But this comes at a price, although only a fraction of what a decent compressor or eq might cost. And remember, if you have great gear, it makes sense to ensure that it delivers optimum performance.

There are certain links in the chain such as mic cables, speaker cables and sometimes converter interfaces where the best cables are an essential rather than an option. This isn’t nearly as expensive as you might think, but the results are noticeable better. For those wanting no-compromise sound and reliability throughout, we can also offer Vovox looms and multicore to order.

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We’re happy to advise on all your cabling requirements and help you to get the best results from your gear at a budget to suit your hard-pressed wallet.

And as the only pro-audio department with a full time, in-house technical department, we can design and build patchbay systems and undertake large custom installations to order.

We’ve supplied scores of professionals worldwide with sophisticated systems, prepared in our workshops to customer’s requirements, ready to install quickly and simply in their studio.

For those with any doubts, check out our very own Snap Studios, widely acknowledged as London’s best sounding new studio and featuring cabling designed and installed by our engineers.

Whatever others may claim, we have the expertise and experience to deliver. Eccentric

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* If there are any cables or looms not listed here then please don’t hesitate to give us a call on +44(0)207 281 4478 or email us at for information and quote. Thank you.