Visconti Studio

We were chuffed to be asked to redesign, equip and install equipment for the new Tony Visconti analogue studio at Kingston University.

Working with our regular architect, John Flynn of ADG, we completely revamped the control room, lowering the floor and window to add twenty percent more space and tuning the acoustics, and supplied a variety of the best used and new analogue equipment to complement their existing Audient console and Studer A827 multitrack machine. Additional equipment supplied included a refurbished Studer A80 two track, EMT plate and outboard from Eventide, Lexicon, Neve, API, Universal and others as well as a Hammond organ and Leslie speaker. We installed and renewed the cabling for the complete studio in time for the first Tony Visconti earlier this month.

We wish Leah Kardos the very best for the future of this excellent project.

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