Leeds College

Equipment supplied by Funky Junk to Leeds College includes:

  • Audient ASP8024 analogue desk x 2

Leeds College of Music (LCM) has installed two Audient ASP8024 mixing consoles as part of an upgrade of their current studiofacilities.

The Audient desks were supplied by Funky Junk Ltd, and are being used by the college’s Music Production degree students for recording, mixing, production and mastering.

“Previously we had digital desks that were getting abit old so wetraded them in for good analogue desks,” explains LCM’s Senior Studio Technician, Keith Smith.

BA (Hons) Music Production Course Leader, Craig Golding continues, “The Audient ASP8024 console provides the College with a quality analogue platform for use in delivering its undergraduate Music Production programmes. The console is intuitive to use, and provides an excellent standard on which to learn and teach analoguedesk architecture and studio production skills”

Read more at http://www.audient.com/news/funky-junk-leeds-college-audient-s-desk