We undertake the repair of modern and vintage professional studio equipment including
microphones, outboard and small consoles as follows:

Boffin Island Fees and terms

Boffin Island Repair Rates

Initial assessment charge £30.00 ex VAT
Repair charge £75 ex VAT/hour plus parts
All outboard repairs carry a three-month warranty for work carried out.
Initial assessment charge £30 ex VAT
Tube, Vintage and Large Diaphragm microphones £85 ex VAT/hour plus parts
All others microphones £60 ex VAT/hour plus parts

Please note: all prices exclude UK VAT. If you are in within the EU (but outside the UK) and are VAT registered, there would be no VAT charge.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the fees and charges.

Equipment we DO NOT SERVICE

  • Hi Fi and Semi Pro recording equipment such as Mackie, Behringer etc
  • Musical instruments and stage fx boxes
  • Front line & back line amplification & speakers
  • Digital multi-track & stereo recording / playback devices
  • Computers & DAW including peripheral devices
  • Synthesisers and keyboards

Lead Time

We are regularly “snowed under” with work and parts can take time to deliver, so lead times of third party repairs can creep up 2 or 3 weeks but in this event, we will do our utmost to keep the client advised of progress.

Please Note

Some equipment is problematical due to unavailability of spares, lack of schematics or labour intensive disassembly that precludes a cost effective solution. Badly serviced, bogus, bodged and/or imported equipment bought via the internet can not merely prove difficult to service or convert to UK operation but can actually prove dangerous, with faulty power supplies or deficient earths, so ensure you always buy from a reputable supplier or at worst get a sound money back warranty when taking a punt online. We therefore reserve the right to decline the service of some equipment.