Feedback from our customers:


Just to let you know in the end I decided just to take the plunge – without the demo you kindly offered – and bought an Ear Trumpet Labs Edwina last week. Used it for a couple of gigs this weekend and was just completely knocked out by the performance of the mic.

Stunning – exactly what we needed. Thanks so much – best £500 I’ve ever spent.

The customer service at Funky Junk was absolutely brilliant too.

“Hello Patrice,
This little email to let you know I received the Fairchild.
It is in perfect cosmetic condition, I still had to screw 1 terminal on the power supply terminal block (green cable) where they are inserted by two face-to-face.
After a complete check up to make sure that nothing else was disconnected during shipping, I plugged in the Fairchild which works great!
I did my first mix with it yesterday, the sound is magical, exceptional, I put it through an Electrodyne 501/511 slice.
That’s the best spring reverb I’ve ever heard, imho!
I own a modified Orban 111b with Sowter transformer; I know the AKG bx20, the Grampian 636… But this is another level….
I produce old fashion style dub reggae; this tool is magic for my music.
Thank you for this perfect transaction.
I wish you a great day.

Best,” Jean (France)

Dear Mark,

Firstly, an extremely belated thank you for your response below. It is/was, of course, greatly appreciated and I can only return the apology of overlooking your reply and not thanking you sooner.

It underpins why Funky Junk are undisputedly the best dealer in the UK regarding pro equipment.

Secondly, on a completely different track, I thought I should reiterate how fabulous I think the ATC SCM25A Pro monitors are, that I purchased from you a while back. So much so that I try to extol their virtues everywhere I work.

I’ve recently (for the first time) been working at Sky TV Studios in Osterley, where they’re currently using a 5.1 set up in their mid-size control rooms.

I mentioned the accuracy, especially the midrange detail of the ATC SCM25A Pro monitors to one their Guarantee Engineers, so I’m rather hoping that they might well be in touch with you in the near future.

Anyway, thanks again for everything and all the best for 2018.

Kind regards, Paul

Just a note to say thank you very much for dealing with BURL; B1 the preamp and getting the blanking plates through for nothing. Great work, much appreciated.

Best,” Andy

“Shoutout to Funky Junk for making my AMS brand new again!” The Diary Studios via Instagram

“Hi Mark, I got to see the Duality for the first time yesterday. It really is in beautiful condition. Thank you.” Pete Townshend (refurbished SSL Duality 48)

“Hi Mark, catching up to say thanks for helping us with the parts exchange and new equipment. Working with you guys has been friendly and easy-going so I look forward to continuing our work together in the future. Additional thanks for getting in touch with John Flynn who we¹ve contacted about visiting Criterion in the coming weeks.” Jeff – Head of Sound Design at Electronic Arts

“Thanks again, you guys are a class act and a pleasure to do business with.”

Terry Harris, USA (purchased SSL AWS948)

“Hello Adam,

Just as a note I have to say that your customer service both before and after has been excellent. I look forward to dealing with you again.”


“Hello Mark & Marc, thank you so so much for your help in shipping my stuff and also helping in the payment, the consignment arrived in lagos and was delivered at the weekend.

I am very grateful, may god reward you abundantly for your good deeds. Regards”


“Hello Mark, Thanks for your great newsletters and email blasts. I was cleaning some old files the other day and came across my archive stash of Funky Junk News (” I am not a doctor”—the tea will slay ya, etc.). Absolutely hilarious and they provided a few hours of reading, and out loud laughing.”

Hudson (Chicago) – in regards to our Bazaar Magazines

“Hi Mark,
We got the package. It is very mint condition and works really well. We could get the mix done by the due date and sound really rich with it.
Thank you very much for your selection and quick move after everything.”

Kay (Japan)

“Hi Mark,

Just wanted to write a quick note to say hello and to thank you so much for all of your help
and advice over the last year. My 40 foot shipping container full of gear cleared customs this
morning and will be unloaded in Wales on Monday. Very exciting and I couldn´t have gotten
through the maze of decisions without your help. Next time lunch is definitely on me!!!

I´ll send you some pictures when the consoles go in towards the end of March.

Thanks again.”

Andrew Shepps

“Hi Adam / Mark

Hope this finds you well.

I have a couple of U 57s that need servicing – is this something you still do?
I do remember that your genius guy did mine a few years back and he did an absolutely
brilliant job.

Please let me know and I’ll drop them by.

Thanks, and all the best.”


“Dear Mark,

You have done me a great favor. Your treatment of a person you do not know, in a matter that does not so much relate to your own interest, has shown me what a really civilized person and a really developed country is like.

My respect to you!

Wish you all the best!”

Li Bo, Beijing, China

“Hi Mark,

Well received the Mic.
Thanks for all and maybe later another deal.

The best for you.”


“Hi Mark

The gear has arrived. I’ve just played a little bit with the Chiswick. What a great machine. It’s amazing what it does. If you ever come across another one you can call me!!! Until next time.

With kind regards,”


A mastering engineer writes…

“It is the BEST sound I’ve ever heard! The detail of the ATC 150 are incredibly amazing.
The low end is fast, fat and controlled!

The dynamic and image-depth of the speaker is insane!

The quality gap between a lousy and an excellent piece of production is much more defined.


“I bought a Retro 176 for our new tracking room and after hearing it for about 20 seconds I rang Adam at Funky Junk and ordered another, it’s amazing! We’ve had it on vocals and on a pair on drum room mics mostly. When you smash it it does something none of our other compressors can do.” Dave (via Gearslutz)

“Thank you Funky Junk – just received my Retro Doublewide compressor. It’s brilliant!”

Tom P – via Instragram

“Hi Adam / Mark
Hope this finds you well.
I have a couple of U 57s that need servicing – is this something you still do?
I do remember that your genius guy did mine a few years back and he did an absolutely brilliant job.

Please let me know and I’ll drop them by. Thanks, and all the best.” Pascal

“Dear Mark, you are doing me a huge favour and I am really grateful for that – most professional! That’s why I have been trading and buying from Funky Junk for over 10 years.” Leonard Fong

“Hi Daniel and Mark and Adam Fairchild safely tucked into the Control room, after getting it back from FJ and Dave kindly giving it a pre delivery check over and set up.

Didn’t use it Yesterday, i took off the black plate that covers the front and gave it a good clean to get the glue residue off, thought about cleaing the facia of lunge and china graph marks, and then decided that it would be best left as is, and then spent a good 2 thirds of the day staring at it!!

At the risk of sounding overly sentimental, this ticks a box on my bucket list, i have used a 660 before at Air and at Konk, and i was amazed how great they sound with very little Engineer input or effort, and noted to myself to get one one day.

Thank you for selling it to me, and delivering it so quickly and for the last few years of supplying audio kit and solid good advice, i consider myself Fortunate to have busy and popular studio, and i put a lot of it down to the right kit, bought well, I value my relationship with you, personally, and as a company,



“Thanks to Adam at Funky Junk for being so awesome and helping me sort my studio upgrades over the last two years.”

Wilson Nash (via Twitter)

“I’d just like to say again how helpful you’ve been: sending two mics out on loan, not hassling me to return them over Christmas and then arranging collection afterwards, and all this for one relatively modest sale of £400 – honestly, there are many companies I deal with at work who could learn a lot about customer service from you chaps! If we get enough money together to fund another, we’ll be back like a shot.”


“Thank you and please, above all else, I hope you know how appreciative I am of the support you have provided me over the years with my EMI desk, tape deck and other racked gear.You guys are great people and provide a great service to this pro audio community and I continue to look forward to our partnership into the future.” Larry

“Hey guys – Just a wrap up email here to say thank you for the recently serviced Trident Fleximix warranty Repair.

The desk is truly sounding amazing and feels restored to it’s former glory.
No more omnipotent buzz, fader and pot crackle, noise and inconsistency from channel to chat.
Now it feels like an accurate a truly professional desk!

My huge thanks to Pascal for honouring our deal agreement in terms of warranty as desk was from France and Steve & Adam at Funky Junk UK for being such professionals and blowing me away with the quality of their work.

All the best guys.

I will be sure to tell ALL my clients and mates in the industry the very good news, AND be sure to come to you for more great used kit in the very near future… Much love and respect.”


“I couldn’t find a long enough power cable for the MS chassis so Funky Junk made one for me. I think they made it 5m, works great!” Jonas (via Gearslutz)

“If you are in Europe, I’d definitely check out the Funky Junk Solid Compressor. I stopped by their shop when visiting Paris recently and they gave me a quick demo – the box is simply awesome. I love SSL buss compression, and this shares a number of original SSL components with some cool features.”

Gearslutz Forum Member (Los Angeles)

“Hi Mark & Steve, thank you both very much for what has been a smooth & relatively trouble free transaction, we’re wetting our pants over our new mixer, it sounds great & we’re very pleased.
Many thanks again, Best.”


“”Hi Mark! Lovely to see you today! Thank you so much for hanging on to the mic for me, it’s a real beauty!

Big thanks to Dave too, yes it’s a sweet one! Hope all is well and have a great xmas and a fantastic new year. Can’t say thanks enough really, but thanks again and many best wishes to you, lots of love from…”

Jin xx

“Hi Mark,

The speakers arrived today. DSV did a good job, quick (they called me to make an appointment for the delivery) the boxes looked like new and they where even taken of the pallet and carried in house. Great service Thank for arranging this that quick.

I was suprised to get modified MB2S’s I thought you where joking, I didn’t know PMC would do that! This makes it even more special as it feels like they where specialy build for me. I hope they enjoyed building them and hopefully they listened to them and where surprised by the result to offer this is standard.

Thanks for the great service and for sure will come back when ever in need of new equipment. Regards ”


“Thank you very much for a super-fast delivery of the VC1Q!
It’s great doing business with you: Good advice, good prices and fast delivery times…
I hope to contact you soon for my next buy! Regards,”


“Mark, a little note to thank you and your staff for everything. I’m very pleased of your services as well as Justin who were very nice and competent.

Tell me when the fans and the little monitor is on it’s way. btw, my “boss” was very happy of the desk overall look (the 19 inches rack in the middle in particular), I’m sure he will be as pleased by the sound as soon as we will wire it. Hope we’ll do business again together, Take care”


“Hi Mark, I received the AMS RMX16 and the Neve 1073 yesterday, many thanks – they’re both wonderful! I’m really excited to have a RMX16 in such beautiful condition.

Started using it on a mix immediately, even though I already have a 960L, 224 and Eventide. Cheers,”


“Dear Mark, Having bought something from you for the first time last week, an H3000SE, I would like to say thank you for the great service I received after I found the unit to be faulty. The speedy repair and delivery turned an unfortunate event into a pain free experience. I would and will happily recommend Funky Junk to others! Thanks again for all your help, Kind regards”


PS: Please put me on your mailing list.

“Dear Mark,
How lovely to receive a fab black faced 1176 this morning – it will be in the studio rack this afternoon completing our set! Many thanks”


“Hi Mark
just a small mail to thank you again for my beautiful GML 8304 : working perfectly. It’s not a surprise, but it sounds really amazing 🙂 Thanx to help me to have one friendly”


“Hello Mark! I’ve received the “blue Focusrite system” – thank you very much for the perfect and carefully packed units !!! WOW – they are really in a superb condition, now I´m trying to get some EDAC connectors for the first listening test.

Thank you also for the copied manuals – everything is fine – thanks a lot. It´s a pleasure to get in contact with funky-junk – as stated on the receipt “please call us again” – I will do so. Best regards”


“Hi all! I have received the shipping yesterday after call them. They have tried twice to deliver the package but they don’t have called me! amazing. But now it’s ok.

I have really loved to open the package…
I just would like to say Thanks to all.
I am very happy to have make this deal with you, it was a pleasure…
I will be back very soon I think!
Have a nice day.”


“Cheers Mark, all arrived well, running them in now. Thanks for all your help, and excellent service. I’ll be back.”


“I would like to congratulate you for the great job you are doing ! Everything i have purchased from you is in excellent-even better than new-condition !”

‘K.’ Greece.

“Hello! Just to let you know,they arrived in purrfect shape(great packaging!),and have been used as overhead and guitar mikes allready! Great sound,very nice addition to my mike set indeed. Nice doing bussiness with Funky Junk, ’till next time!”


“Hi Mark! We tried the Atr´s with 499, couldn´t be happier!
Cheers mate!”


“Hi again Mark, First of all I would like to congratulate you for the great job you are doing!

Everything I have purchased from you is in excellent-even better than new-condition!

So I would like to buy two more items you have in stock: an AMS SDMX 1580 delay, and the eventide SP 2016. I am also looking forward to receiving the LEXICON 200 and the SONY R7 reverb. I do not know if you could find me a vintage MARSHALL AMP PLEXI ERA 100w head.

Thanks a lot, best wishes”


“Hi all! I have received the shipping yesterday after call them. They have tried twice to deliver the package but they don’t have called me! amazing. But now it’s ok.

I really loved to open the package…
I just would like to say Thanks to all.
I am very happy to have made this deal with you, it was a pleasure…
I will be back very soon I think!
Have a nice day.”


“Adam, I received the 4-ISA 110’s yesterday, tried them out and love them!


“Off to Funky Junk to collect a repaired Microphone and API eq. I’ve had to fix a few things recently and can recommend. They know what they’re doing and the price is reasonable. You get what you pay for :-)”

Neil P. (Reveal Sound)

“I try to refrain from gear posts but when you get your hands on an ORIGINAL Obie Rack… I love you Funky Junk!” Blawan (artist) via Twitter

“Thank the audiolords for Funky Junk, once again, made light work of fixing one of my mastering eqs that was suffering from heat exhaustion.” Engine Ears (producer – via Twitter)

“Having Funky Junk on hand to help with the studio design and equipment choices was an added bonus because I am primarily a musician, not a sound engineer, so it was good to have input from pro audio experts. What we have achieved is a very professional and versatile set up that will be easy to use and manage.” Benjamin Braxton (producer/DJ – via ProSound Web)

“I am so thrilled about this purchase. An amazing price! It only took about a week to get to Utah in the US. Product as described and an amazing deal. Thank you!” Dave Z. Online customer

“Fast shipping, great packing, and great price! Thanks!” Joseph H. Online customer

“Wow! Amazed. This reached me in 1 day. I was nervous about “buyer responsible for import duties”, but for me they amounted to less than 1/2 of what sales tax would have been. Very pleased with this transaction!!” Charles D. Online customer

“Received item as advertised. Tim at Funky Junk was great to work with. Great price. Never thought I’d own one. Thanks, Funky Junk!” Tony R. Online customer

“Shipped fast … Responded fast to all my questions and great price.” Marcus B. Online customer

“Hi Adam,
Thanks for all your help. The Console worked immediately, and as I like to have hands-on control of plugin changes in the ‘sweet spot’ I am completely hooked. (…) If I had to choose between a set of faders, or Softube Console, I would use the Console.I will keep you posted.” Pete Townshend