Studer – A827

Multitrack Recorder

Introduced in 1989, the machine can perhaps be regarded as the successor to the A80 MK 4 although complete redesigned.

The A827 has similar styling to the A820 although uses VU meters rather than bargraphs. Heads are the same (318 heads – the successor to the 317 hard head) and the machine features a modern transport with shuttle on the autolocator.

Audio cards and electronics are simpler than the A820, and the machine has no facility for internal Dolby. The A827 has become the most sought after multitrack for music recording in the USA, and in the UK our clients include Trevor Horn/Sarm Studios amongst others. Prices are again on a par with the A800 MK 3 A820 although good machines are extremely hard to find.

Generally, the are few pitfalls although earlier machines (pre 1991) have early audio cards which may be hard to update; the earliest cannot be updated and may present drop-in delays and HF problems. As with the A820, software updates are generally straightforward. Remote and autolocate are usually supplied as standard, but as with other Studer products, were an option in Europe (although supplied as standard in the US) so buyers should take care to ensure that prices include remote and autolocate; these are still available new from Studer, but are expensive.

Funky Junk carries main spares for A827 and A820, and will shortly be carrying a full range of such spares as we increasingly being called upon by clients worldwide to service Studer machines in addition to our client, resale and warranty work.