Reslo VMC

Large Diaphragm Dynamic

Here’s a few photos of my Reslo VMC. It’s a beautiful looking lump of chrome, although from what I can gather is rather lo-fi – I’ve never given it a blast so wouldn’t know.

As always, I will rely on those more versed in Reslos than I. Xaudio (superb website for early mics, particularly ribbons) says…

The earliest Reslo dynamics seem to be the VMC and VMC2, with the initials standing for Velocity Moving Coil. These had a big heavy permanent magnet and a paper diaphragm, and are really rather lo-fi devices. These two models are more or less the same inside, although the VMC was hard-wired, and the VMC2 had a new grill and an output plug.

Incidentally, I’ve come across a superb resource for Reslo mics and would urge anyone interested to pay it a visit…

I have a few more obscure Reslo mics that I’ll post details of shortly, while I’m in the mood.

After all, why not? Why not indeed.