Philips EL 6030

Dynamic Microphone


I have a couple of these chunky devils and they always catch the eye.

They’re early 1950s, dynamic, and I suspect quite common – I’ve seen them go on eBay for a little over £100. I think I bought one in Camden market and the other came with a selection of vintage mics sent to me by my friend Mark Linnet in LA, who knows about (and shares) my eccentric passion for vintage audio esoteria.

I haven’t ever used either but should give one a go; all mics have their own vibe, and many can be great for particular purposes or even for effect.

I’ve seen these badged Altec. It was not uncommon for manufacturers to supply their mics on an OEM basis to other companies. Indeed, I suspect that Philips may well have bought these from Altec as I have a number of Philips badged mics that were made by other companies.
Still, if nothing else they’re great for posing in publicity shots (as the following photo shows…).