Urei 1178


Urei 1178 original rare buss/stereo compressor

I would venture to say that many if not most of your favourite albums were mixed with the legendary Urei 1178 strapped across the mix bus.

What makes these apparently simple units so special? Well, it’s that age old (Bill Putnam) Urei magic – simple, well designed and straightforward; quality without frills.

If it’s such a wonderous beast, you may well ask, why didn”t Universal reissue it when they reintrodued the black faced 1176? The answer is simple -as a later unit, patents and right remain with Urei/JBL, now owned by the Harman group of companies.

So if you want a legendary classic, there’s no option but to find an original. And of course as with all used outboard supplied by Funky Junk, this little beauty is fully serviced and lined up – ready to go straight into a lucky owner’s next session.



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