Audio Design – F760 X-RS Compex

Compressor Limiter

Classic British 1970s solid state limiter/compressor/expander.

Like the Neve 33609, the Compex offers both limiting and compression modes, or both at the same time for those brave enough. Discrete and full bloodied, the Compex is still an all time favourite of mine and many other engineers, especially Yankee Doodle Dandies. Indeed, although the name may not be familiar to many of today’s young Turks, Audio Design compressors of the same or similar ilk were standard issue in classic desks from the likes of Helios, Raindirk and even Neve, where many buyers spec’d them in favour of the 2254 or 33314.


Well, what do you look for in a quality compressor? Firstly, something that doesn’t degrade the sound no matter how hard you push it. Secondly, something that will limit peaks and smooth out troughs and thirdly a unit that allows accurate control of attack, release, threshold and expansion. The Compex does all this with a typically English grace that leaves your tracks smiling and begging for more.

An all time classic that is becoming increasingly hard to find in good condition. Needless to say, all our units are serviced, recapped (if required) and lined up prior to sale, ready to leap into your next mix raring to go.


Description Stereo
Principle Solid State
Metering VU
Connections XLR
Controls Input, output, release, ratio, threshold, range, attack