Stereo Microphone

Every now and then a customer or friend takes advantage of my fetish for old microphones by unearthing a bunch and selling (or trading) them for cash or useable gear. Many moons ago Mark St. John found half a dozen old mics in a Brighton junk show and turned a few pennies into lots of quids by waving them under my nose. Amongst them was this boxed AKG D88 stereo dynamic mic. Glitzy and brash but groovy (though not worth a huge amount – there are plenty out there).
In the 50s, 60s and 1970s AKG made mics for various hifi tape recorder companies (including Revox) and the domestic hobby market. Indeed, I’ve often seen AKG C451s badged Revox and on one occasion even saw a pair of VC12s badged Revox. So keep your eyes open – those ‘Revox’ mics advertised in the classified column of your local newspaper may be more interesting than you think.

I’ve never used this D88 and from what I’ve read, it’s probably not very good although every single mic has its own distinctive characteristics and can be spectacular in certain applications. After all, we’re in an age where we make records rather than merely record performances so character and vibe can be everything.

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