Dynamic Cardioid Microphone

The AKG D190E cardioid dynamic microphone has been de­signed for the serious recordist or performer who, though limited by his budget, is unwilling to compromise quality. A rugged, versatile unit, the D-190E is an excellent general­ purpose speech or music microphone as well as an ideal hand­ held vocalist’s microphone for contemporary-music recording sessions and concerts.

The microphone’s smooth frequency response and uniform cardioid directional pattern produce an open, effortless sound and relative immunity to feedback even under acoustically unfavorable conditions. Bass response is intentionally tailored to compensate for proximity effect when the microphone is used within close working distances, and to reduce pickup of low-frequency room rumble, floor vibrations, and acoustic­ feedback components. To add brilliance and permit pickup of instruments and voices from greater distances, the on-ax is response is slightly emphasized at 4 kHz.

The transducer element is elastically suspended within the housing, a feature which greatly reduces sensitivity to handling noise, mechanical shock, and spurious vibrations. An integral sintered-bronze windscreen reduces the effects of breath “pop” and wind noise. It also protects the transducer from dust, metal particles, and moisture.

The D-190ES is identical to the D-190E, but incorporates a
noiseless, rugged on/off switch. Both microphones are low­ impedance balanced-output units, each fitted with a standard 3-pin male XLR-type connector. Each microphone is supplied complete with an SA-11 stand adapter and a foam-lined vinyl protective case.

The AKG D190 Was available in 4 different models: D 190C, D 190E, D 190CS & D 190 ES.

AKG D190 E Dynamic microphone Tech Spec.

  • Transducer Type: Dynamic
  • Directional Characteristic: Cardioid Frequency Range: 30-15,000 Hz
  • Nominal Impedance: 200 ohms Recommended Load Impedance: ;. 500 ohms

Sensitivity at 1 kHz:

  • Open circuit: 0.23 mV/pb; -72_B dBV
  • Maximum power level: -52dBm (re:1 mW/10dynes/cm ) EIA Gm : -144.5 dBm
  • High-Z output w/MCH­
  • 20T, -20TS (optional): -63 dBV at 1 pb
  • Tolerance: +0, -1 .5 dB

Sound Pressure Level for 1% THD :

  • 40 Hz: 125 dB
  • 1000 Hz: 130 dB
  • Net Weight: 1B5 g (~6-1 / 2 oz)
  • Hum Sensitivity: – 102 dBm (1 mG field)
  • Case Material: Nickel-plated brass; sintered bronze

Included Accessories:

  • SA-11 stand adapter with 5/B-in. -27 thread
  • Foam-lined vinyl case


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