AKG D19 Dynamic Microphone

Dynamic Microphone

Here’s an oddity I picked up for my personal collection some time ago – a beautiful AKG D19 badged Revox.

It’s interesting for several reasons, not least because the D19 has achieved legendary status as Geoff Emerick’s preferred overhead mic on Ringo’s drums on many of the classic Beatles recordings. They’re nice dynamic mics but be warned – we see a lot of these purchased for loadsadosh on eBay that don’t work AND CAN’T BE REPAIRED; most older AKG dynamic capsules long since ceased to be available and can’t be fixed.

This particular D19 has a unique (in my experience) finish and looks fantastic; the photos don’t do it justice. But more than this, the Revox badge is interesting.

AKG manufactured mics for a number of third party companies, most notably for Telefunken (who never made their own mics) who marketed the ELAMs under their own brand name just as they marketed various early Neumanns (there are many Telefunken badged U67s and U47s around that were sold into the film and broadcast market). But AKG also made mics (or rather badged their own mics) for Revox. In the dim distant past I saw tube C12 mics badged Revox and have come across numerous C451s with the Revox badge. I’ve also got a really lovely (black) C12A badged Philips (I have various other makes of mic also badged Philips). So…if you ever see a Revox mic for sale, check it out; you might just be onto a bargain.



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