AKG – C422

Large Diaphragm Stereo Condenser Microphone

The AKG C422 Stereo Condenser Microphone is a further development of the well known AKG — C24.

The AKG C422 microphone head may be rotated against the shaft in anti-clockwise direction for 45º with mechanical rest positions at Oº and 45º:. This feature allows for quick change from MS— to XY—stereo technique with the microphone’s body mounted on the stand adapter or the hanger ring in one position only. The microphone head is mechanically divided in a top and a lower half, whereBy the top part may be rotated against the lower one for 180º to adjust for different stereobase angles. Each half of the microphone head contains a double-diaphragm condenser capsule CK12.

One LED-diode is mounted in the front of each microphone capsule for better aiming and positioning of the microphone when viewed from rather far away in large concert halls or studios. These LED’s are powered from the Remote Control Unit S42E by the operation of a small switch. The operation voltage for the “aiming LED’s” is derived from either a conventional 9 volt—battery or a chargeable 9 volt—battery, which will be continuously trickle—charged by the microphone’s phantom powering source.

The microphone shaft contains two low-noise FET—preamplifiers which have extremely high input impedance. With the built-in switch, both channels may be pre—attenuated by 10 dB and 20 dB.

The microphone shaft contains also a thread insert to accept the Stand Adapter SA42 which may be secured with a matching screw to the microphone’s housing.

Three basic polar patterns (omni—, cardioid— and figure—eight characteristics) and six intermediate positions may be set independently for each capsule on the Remote Control Unit S42E.

This unit supplies the microphone via a 20 m cable with the necessary operating voltages and should in turn be phantom powered by 12 volts + 1 volt according to DIN 45596 on each channel.

AKG C422 Technical Specs

  • Operating Principle: 2 twin—diaphragm systems working as pressure gradient receivers
  • Frequency Range: 20 — 20,000 Hz
  • Sensitivity: 0.5 mv/,ub= 5 mV/Pa (— 66 dBV, on open circuit at 1000 Hz)
  • Electrical Impedance: 200 ohms i 20 %, earthfree and symmetrical
  • Recommended Load Impedance: % 500 ohms
  • Equivalent Noise Level: +/- 22 dB SPL ) filter C
  • Crosstalk: +/-70 dB (20 Hz to 10,000 Hz) / +/-40 dB (20 Hz to 15,000 Hz) measured without transducers
  • Supply Voltage: via the S42E with 12 volts +/- 1 volt with phantom power source on each channel according to DIN 45596.
  • Overall Dnmensions: 33/41 mm x 260 mm length
  • Weight: 430g net.
  • Mating plug: 12 pin miniature DIN-plug
  • Housing: black chrome finished all-metal housing.

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