DeltaLab Reseach Brochure

DeltaLab Reseach Brochure

A classic brochure showing details of the DeltaLab range of delays and effects inc;

DL-1 Digital Delay Module

A state-of-the-art digital delay line with three independently selectable delays. The DL—1 offers wide bandwidth, low harmonic and inter-modulation distortion and high S/N ratio at all delay lengths. Delays from 5 to 160 ms. greater than 90 dB dynamic range and front panel bypass to prevent unauthorized tampering. Interfaces with Memory Module for increased delay times – up to 2 seconds per mainframe.

DL-2 Acousticomputer ®

A true stereo (2 Channel) studio quality digital delay and special effects processor. The DL-2 is a flexible, rugged. all-electronic “spacemachine” with impressive specs (95 dB, 20 -i5 kHz bandwidth. 252 ms delay, etc.) and proven roadworthiness. Designed to be at home in the studio or on the road. the DL72 encompasses well known functions such as flanging. double and triple tracking. chorusing, vibrato. reverb, echo and resonant effects plus new effects unique to the Acousticomputer.

DL-3 Digital Delay Line

A true digital delay line with exceptionally natural sound quality. for applications where just one delay is required, Delay out to 120 ms, built in bypass, no-comprimise performance (95 d8 20 45 kHz, etc.) at a truly reasonable cost for digital deloy.

DL-4 Time Line

Single channel digital delay and special effects processor, designed for studio and performing musicians. Over 1/2 second (512 ms) of full 2 bandwidth (20-15 kHz) delay. Compare other “musician oriented” effects devices with the Time Line and you’ll see why major artists throughout the world choose DeltaLab. (Optional foot pedal control available.)

DL-5 Harmoniccomputer

The Harmonicomputer is a high quality pitch-shifting device featuring keyboard type controls for precise musical intervals. The DL-5’s ease of operation instills instant confidence and encourages impromptu experimentation. Now the performing musician or creative studio can achieve the kind of performance previously expected from only the costliest of studio quality pitch-shifting devices. the DL-5 maintains the same full bandwidth. law distortion dynamic range and construction techniques that you have come to expect from DeltaLab.


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