DDA D-Series Mixing Console Brochure

DDA D-Series Mixing Console Brochure

The DDA D-Series Mixing Console Main frames come in standard sizes of 30, 38 and 42 module positions. These frames can be of course part filled or even fitted with a mixture of different modules.

The DDA D-Series standard frame sizes provide 20, 28 and 32 input formats, using the standard or matrix output modules and 24, 32 and 36 input boards using the compact PA output modules.

The standard output module would typically be specified for broadcast, recording, audio visual and video production applications, whereas the Matrix output module is designed for theatre and auditoria sound Situations.

Concert sound reinforcement applications can use either the compact PA output modules or if effects returns are required, the standard output may be specified.

The standard input module of the DDA D-Series has been designed to realise the full flexibility of all the ouput module types.

The D-Series has twin microphone inputs, 4 band EQ and 8 auxiliary sends, as well as a 5 segment channel output meter fitted alongside the long throw fader.


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