DDA AMR24 Mixing Console Brochure

DDA AMR24 Mixing Console Brochure

The DDA AMR24 mixing console is possibly the best kept secret behind many of the world’s greatest recordings. At one point around 150 users around the world would testify to the satisfaction of recording on an AMR24.

Apart from its absolute transparency of signal path, engineers enfused about the DDA AMR24’s ‘friendliness’ — even a visiting engineer can be familiar with the console in a few minutes.

The DDA AMR24 mixing console was established as the de facto standard for quality tracking.


DDA AMR24 Mixing Console Features

  • Split design with separate Group and Monitor signal paths.
  • 36 or 44 Input frames with 24 or 32 track monitoring Options.
  • Audio Quality compatible with Digital Audio systems.
  • 4 Band EQ and 8 auxiliaries on Monitor section.
  • Fully wired for two 24 Track machines.
  • Ability to monitor and mix both 24 track machines simultaneously, with 4 band EQ and auxiliaries.
  • VU, or 100 segment fluorescent bargraph, metering.
  • Up to 92. inputs on mixdown using Group Inserts.
  • All main faders Penny & Giles conductive plastic.
  • Eight Auxiliary buses.
  • Comprehensive Monitoring/Master section with two foldback outputs.
  • Separate fader modules allows variety of Automation systems to be added.
  • Proven Track Record.



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