Audio Kinetics XT24 Intelocator Brochure

Audio Kinetics XT24 Intelocator

This was the first INTELIigent auto-LOCATOR made possible by micro-processor technology. It has a programmed capacity to learn a particular tape plus transport behaviour pattern, and subsequently optimise the locate sequence.

Audio Kinetics XT24 Intelocator Features

  • Intelligence.
  • Interfaces with 3M M79, STUDER A80 and AMPEX MM 1200.
  • Utilises two separate counters, master and intelocate, both operating in minutes and seconds.
  • Four pre or immediate load memories.
  • Inches per second speedometer for varispeed reference.
  • Full standard tape transport remotes with LED indication.
  • Leverwheel numerics for faster location point entry with physical memory.
  • High accuracy of i 2 seconds over 30 minutes of tape at 15 ips.
  • Automatic compensation for HI/LO speed change – 7 1/2/15 or 15/30 ips operation available by one switch.
  • Automatic master count freeze display – for logging — on tape runout.


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