Amek Rembrandt Mixing Console Brochure

Amek Rembrandt Mixing Console Brochure

Advanced Muititrack Console for Pre-Production and Music Recording Applications

The Amek Rembrandt is a multitrack recording console designed specifically for music recording, pre-production, programming suite and video post applications.

The large number of inputs and outputs coupled with AMEK’s advanced automation system provide Rembrandt with specifications unequalled by any competing product.

Signal flow in Rembrandt is based on AMEK’s restructuring of the in-line system and was first used in the Einstein console. Unlike traditional in-line modules, which have limited facilities in the monitor section, the two input paths each include not only fader and mute automation but also identical comprehensive 4 band equalization. Denoted Channel and Mix, the two paths provide versatile inputs which can be used to handle mic, line, bus, tape and effects sources with ease. Access to 24 routing buses is available from either path, and the 16 aux buses can be shared
between them as required.

Using this dual path system the standard 40-input Amek Rembrandt configuration actually provides 80 fully-equalized inputs with automated VCA faders, sufficient in many cases to allow permanent patching of tape. synth, sampler and FX sources. This simplifies operator familiarity with the system as all signals are always found in the same position and thus saves time, effort and confusion. For larger equipment setups the 56-input frame provides 112 signal paths.

Many signal sources nowadays are stereo and therefore the optional full-facility stereo input module can be used as an alternative to the standard dual path module. Stereo modules also include a second standard FX Return-type stereo input. Dual and stereo input modules can be combined as required in either chassis.

AMEK’s powerful and proven SUPERTRUE automation is an integral part of Rembrandt. Running on a 486 based computer, SUPERTRUE provides real-time automation of VCA faders, mutes, and various channel switches. The automation system also allows various global functions – such as Direct output mode – to be programmed by the user.


The console includes a separate fader area which houses the standard P & G Series 8000 conductive plastic faders.



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