Amek Einstein Mixing Console Brochure

Amek Einstein Mixing Console Brochure

The Amek Einstein has been designed to provide the music professional with everything they need in an incredibly compact and cost effective format. It is available in two frame sizes – the Standard Einstein and Einstein Super E.

The Standard Amek Einstein has 64 sonically superb inputs, all with faders and all with the gloriously musical equalisation that has made AMEK recording consoles famous throughout the world.  The Amek Einstein Super E has 80 inputs and is fitted with a patchbay.

Simplicity and ease of operation are the key to the layout of the Amek Einstein. Creative artists need the console to be the control centre of the studio; but it should be a tool, not a puzzle, freeing the mind to concentrate on making music. They demand that their console presents the essential elements of control, faders, EQ, and automation as clearly as possible. The power of automation is vital; even though the console is simpler to operate, mixes are becoming increasingly complex.



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