AKG C61 Condenser Microphone Brochure

AKG C61 Condenser Microphone Brochure

The AKG C61 Condenser Microphone is a studio condenser microphone developed for recording, stage, concert hall, motion pictures television and radio use.

  • Highest studio quality of this extremely small-sized microphone.
  • Natural sound due to a smooth. horizontal response curve.
  • Low non-linear distortion at high sound pressures due to newly developed nuvistor preamplifier and bass attenuation with feedback to the input circuit of the tube.
  • Rapid adaption to recording conditions —- two different directional characteristics (cardioid or omni-directional) are available through interchangeable capsules.

The AKG Condenser Microphone C 61 represents an advanced version of the proven AKG Condenser Microphone 0 60 and is particularly well suited for critical recording tasks and transmissions of top-level studio quality.


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