AKG C451 / CK22 Condenser Microphone Brochure

AKG C451 / CK22 Condenser Microphone Brochure

The microphone head AKG CK22 represents an addition to the AKG—CMS Product Range. Being similar in construction to the CK 2, it will be noted however, that the housing is longer and has side ports for the sound entry.

An acoustical cavity has been placed in front of the transducer element (inside the outer housing} with windscreen material covering the side ports. This constructional detail results in improved performance of the CK 22 in respect to wind and “pop” noise. One may also note improvements in respect to the polar response versus frequency. For example is the measured gifference of output voltage between front (on—axis) and 180 back (off axis] sound pressures at 10 kHz about 6 dB for the CK 2 and 0 dB for the CK22.

The CK 22 is especially suited for applications, where an additional windscreen (e.g. models W 3 or W 1?) would be visually obtrusive.

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