Neve or SSL


Hi I was in contact with someone at Funky Junk this morning, although I must admit I´ve forgotten the name of the chap I was speaking to.

The gentleman I spoke to said he would email me today with some details of consoles within our price range (about £50k, we are interested in a Neve or SSL desk).

While browsing through your site, I´ve found another console we would like to get a price on, the “SSL – J9064 with remote patch” on your site. If you would be able to add this to your existing email I´d be most grateful.


Firstly, a few general points;

  1. In moving up from an MTA to a sophisticated, high end console such as an SSL or Neve VR, a number of considerations must be taken into account;
  2. High end consoles with computer control MUST have a separate machine room to house power supplies and computers. Ideally, this should be air-conditioned (as should be the control room; the consoles generate a lot of heat) and no more than 10 metres from the control room.
  3. These consoles draw an awful lot of power. A Neve VR or 48/56 input SSL can cost in excess of £8,000 per annum to run (not including air-con costs).
  4. These consoles must be left switched on 24/7 unless not being used for a lengthy period. This is because capacitor, switch and other problems arise more commonly as a result of consoles being switched on and off frequently, and components heating up and cooling down.
  5. High end consoles require a sizeable installation, which can cost a great deal (typically between £8,000 and £12,000 depending on outboard and recording media).
  6. These console do require regular maintainance to ensure optimum results. Although capable of infinitely better professional results than down- market consoles, Neve and SSL’s must be maintained at regular intervals to ensure reliability and performance.Although we service our consoles throught prior too delivery, we recommend that the desks be professionally commissioned (we can include this in the price) and then serviced every few months, as one would with a high end car, such as a BMW.
  7. Once installed, these consoles should be ‘commissioned’. This involves a technician checking every signal path and rectifying any faults that may have arisen in transit, lining up all levels and busses (including aux sends, groups,multitrack sends etc) to factory level spec, aligning meters and ensuring that all signal paths and nose levels are within factory spec. Setting up and aligning any automation systems. This is a standard procedure when manufacturers sell a new console, and will take between three and six days, depending upon the size of the console.
  8. Buyers should carefully measure and check access to the studio building and control room to ensure the console will fit. Although we frequently split consoles (and some larger SSL’s have split points when manufactured) this takes time and costs money. Bearing in mind the above provisos, a reconditioned Neve or SSL will offer a level of performance and sound way beyond other desks, irrespective of claims by the manufacturers.



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