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Extinct Audio BM9 Ribbon microphone with Soyuz Launcher Bundle

Special Offer
Extinct Audio BM9 Ribbon microphone with Soyuz Launcher Bundle
Add 26db of analogue gain to the Extinct Audio BM9 Ribbon microphone with the Soyuz Launcher in-line booster. Bundle includes 1 x Funky Junk XLR cable.

Was: £705.83 ex VAT Was: £847.00 inc VAT

Now: £624.17 ex VAT Now: £749.00 inc VAT

Availability: Usually 1-3 working days

Add 26db of vintage analogue console gain to the Extinct Audio BM9 ribbon microphone for increased presence, clarity and improved low-noise performance with the BM9/Launcher bundle. SAVE £81 off list!

Bundle includes high-quality 3m Funky Junk XLR Cable.

Extinct Audio BM9 Ribbon Microphone

The BM9 is a versatile low noise ribbon microphone, with strong output, rich bass and clear, detailed top end. It is equally at home in front of a guitar amp or an orchestra. The BM9 brings you the best combination of vintage tone and modern utility.

Quality control is paramount with ribbon microphones, which is why every ribbon is made, fitted and tuned by Dr. Stewart Tavener, who has worked on thousands of vintage and new microphones. The BM9 is made in the UK*. All the metal parts are machined and plated in England, and the transformers are wound and the mics assembled  at our facility in York.

The BM9 is supplied with a solid wood box and hardtail mount.

Mechanical parts carry a lifetime warranty to the original owner. Ribbons are warrantied for 1 year from date of purchase, but with care should last many years.

BM9 Features

The BM9 from Extinct Audio is a general purpose bi-directional ribbon microphone, with a symmetric figure-8 pickup pattern. It is designed to be equally at home in front of a guitar amp, above an orchestra, and everywhere in between. It has a deep, rich bottom end particularly when used close to the source, and has a large bass proximity effect. At the top, the response is smooth and detailed, as one expect to would find in a high end vintage ribbon microphone.

Aesthetically, the BM9 is inspired by classic Danish microphones from the 1950s and 60s, but contains numerous technical innovations which bring its performance, noise floor and output level ‘bang’ up to date.

Soyuz Launcher In-Line Mic Preamp/Gain Booster

That Magic Little Box

The Launcher is not meant to be transparent and clean like other “gain boosters” on the market. Imagine taking a piece of a vintage analog console and putting it in a magic little box. It’s no longer a fantasy with the Launcher.

If you’ve ever struggled to get “that” sound when plugging your mic into an interface without an external preamp, then struggle no more. The Launcher makes your mics sound like they’re running through a vintage console– even when they’re plugged into a simple interface or PA system.

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