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Trident Audio Series 68 24 Channel 8 Buss Console With LED Meter Bridge

Trident Audio 68 24 Channel 8 Buss Console front

The Trident Audio 68 24 channel mixing console is the latest range from this now established and respected range of high quality analogue recording consoles.

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Trident Audio Series 68 24 Channel 8 Buss Console

The Series 68 analogue consoles have been developed to deliver the core feature set most often needed for analogue recording. The 68’s are Split/lnline consoles with individual channels in 8-way panels. Using an 8 subgroup configuration and incorporating 6 Aux sends, its routing options are vast and simple to use. Connections are fast and easy with DB-25’s throughout the board and XLR’s for Master and Main outputs. With a flexible yet powerful 3 band EQ at its core, including selectable channel inserts and monolithic preamps driving the inputs, the Series 68 consoles offer a wide array of summing and mixing options. The sonic quality and compact footprint of the 68’s are able to meet any demand.

Modularity Throughout

The 68’s by design are manufactured to be a more cost effective variant of the fully modular 78’s. Incorporating a similar chassis design and the LED meter bridge, the 68’s have a rugged and proven core. Using a semi-modular design the 68’s are able to effectively reduce their overall costs without a significant sacrifice to serviceability.

Split/Inline Console:

Since the inception of this configuration by Trident Audio on the A-Range console in the late 1960’s it has been adopted throughout the industry and remains a standard configuration for our consoles today.

Trident 68 Split / InLine console

  • Dual Inputs to the channels with line and monitor inputs
  • 3 Band EQ with sweeping mid bands and selectable low and high bands
  • 27dB of headroom
  • Channel Inserts
  • Selectable EQ Path
  • All input channels are individual boards, faders included, each in a 8 channel pack.
  • Subgroups are individual boards, faders included, each in a 8 channel pack.
  • Master Channel is an individual channel separated from all others.

Microphone Preamp:

The 68’s incorporate a new high-quality wide bandwidth preamp design. These preamps have lots of headroom with very low noise, low distortion, a high slew rate, and high gain fully capable of driving ribbon microphones.

Trident 68 Microphone Preamplifier

  • 65dB gain preamp
  • Balanced inputs
  • Balanced inserts with full bypass
  • Input Reverse Switch
  • Mic/Line Switch
  • Phantom Power Switch

Flexible EQ :

The 68’s incorporate an all-new 3 Band EQ derived from the Series 80 Console EQ. As the main channel EQ throughout the console.

A three band Trident EQ with overlapping frequency ranges is provided along with a switchable high pass filer. The HIGH and LOW sections of the equalizer have a shelving response and the MID has a peaking (bell) response with two selectable bandwidth settings.

Trident 68 EQ section

  • Sweepable high band between 1k and 15k
  • Sweepable mid band between 200Hz and 3k
  • Sweepable low band between 40Hz and 650Hz
  • Selectable mid bandwidth between 1 and 1/3rd octave
  • 50Hz High Pass Filter
  • Selectable Channel Insert

Master Section:

The master section of the 68’s are laid out for ease of use and have all the necessary features to manage your monitors, talkback, and stereo returns.

The 68’s master channel is an independent from the rest of console to ensure that your console’s master output functions can be easily and quickly serviced with little or no downtime.

Trident 68 master section

    • Main & Alt Monitor Control
    • Mute, Dim & Mono Controls
    • Onboard Headphone with Gain
    • 8 Subgroups
    • Two 2 Track Returns
    • Subgroup Monitor Returns
    • 1 Stereo AUX
    • 8 Stereo FX Returns
    • 1/8″ TRS Selectable Input
    • Onboard Talkback
    • Selectable Insert Return

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    Product Specifications

    Input Impedance
    • Microphone: >2KΩ electronically balanced
    • Line: >10KΩ electronically balanced
    Output Impedance
    • Left/Right, Monitor O/P, Group and Auxes <50Ω
    • All other Outputs <100Ω
    Frequency Response
    • Mic Input to Mix Output <+0, -0.3dB 10Hz to 55KHz @ 6-60 dB gain.
    • Line Input to Mix Output <0, -0.3dB <100Hz to 60KHz @ 0 dB gain.
    Distortion/Noise (T.H.D +Noise) at +15dBu Output
    • Mic XLR Input to any Output (-20dBu input) <0.003%
    • Line Input to any Output <0.003%
    • Monitor/Tape Return Input to any Output <0.003%
    • Mic EIN (20-20KHz, 150Ω source, 60dB gain) <-128 dBu
    • Residual Bus Noise (Output fader at min) <-95 dBu
    • Bus Noise (40 inputs continually assigned) <-80 dBu
      (24 Input Mon/Tape Returns, 8 Stereo EFX Returns and 8 Master Tape Returns)
    • Bus Noise (24 inputs routed equiv. to 64 Inputs) <-77 dBu
    • Adjacent Channel < -90dB (@20KHz) <-110dB (@1KHz)
    • Channel Fader Mute <-100dB (20Hz to 20KHz)
    • Monitor/Tape Return Mute <-85dB (20Hz to 20KHz)
    • Mix/Bus Assign <-80dB (20Hz to 20KHz)
    • Aux to Aux <-75dB (20Hz to 20KHz)
    Maximum Input
    • Mic (XLR) Input (at min gain) +10dBu
    • Line (at min gain) +37dBu
    • Channel Insert Return +22dBu
    • All Output Insert Returns +22dBu
    Maximum Output
    • Mix, Group, Aux, Monitor Outputs +26.5dBu (Into 600Ω)
    • Insert Send, Studio, Alt Outputs +22dBu (Into 2KΩ)
    • Mic Input to Direct Out +20º to -1º 20Hz to 20Khz
    • Mic In to Mix Output +23º to -12º 20Hz to 20Khz
    • Line In to Mix Output +13º to -15º 20Hz to 20Khz
    • Monitor/Tape Return to Mix Output +8º to -12º 20Hz to 20Khz
    Trident 68 dimensions diagram
    • Width (side to side including side panels): 43.37” (110.159cm)
    • Depth (front to back)): 28.750” (73.025cm)
    • Height (top to bottom): 12.293” (31.224cm)
    Power Consumption
    • Total 24 Input Mixer 3570mA