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Trident Audio Series 68 16 / APS Klasik2020 Bundle

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Trident Audio Series 68 16 / APS Klasik Bundle

The Trident Audio Series 68 16 and APS Klasik2020 Studio Bundle! Combining the all-analogue 68 16 console with APS Klasik2020 Monitors, Signex patchbay, x12 Hosa looms, Atacama Monitor stands and Adam Hall Monitor cables. Saving you a handy £1,471 off list! Alternatively, call to design your own megapricebusting package.

Bundle Contents:

Trident Audio 68 Series 16 channel console

The Series 68 analogue consoles have been developed to deliver the core feature set most often needed for analogue recording. The 68’s are Split/lnline consoles with individual channels in 8-way panels. Using an 8 subgroup configuration and incorporating 6 Aux sends, its routing options are vast and simple to use. Connections are fast and easy with DB-25’s throughout the board and XLR’s for Master and Main outputs. With a flexible yet powerful 3 band EQ at its core, including selectable channel inserts and monolithic preamps driving the inputs, the Series 68 consoles offer a wide array of summing and mixing options. The sonic quality and compact footprint of the 68’s are able to meet any demand.

APS Klasik2020 Active 2-way Monitors

Klasik’s history began in early 2015 when we presented active studio monitor called Klasik, which quickly began to appear in recording studios and home recording systems around the world, setting quality standards for near-field monitors available at a reasonable price.

Klasik became the basic working tool for a huge group of sound engineers, who shared their experience and insights into the product with us.
We decided to use the gathered knowledge and after five years of Klasik’s presence in our offer it was time for a change. For 12 months we worked on its new, improved version – Klasik 2020. The result of our cooperation with users is very satisfactory. We have developed active studio monitor which is a development of the concept contained in the Klasik – uncompromising sound quality available at a reasonable price.

The Klasik 2020, like its predecessor is addressed mainly to music and sound enthusiasts who require quality and reliability from the tools they use. Klasik 2020 makes it much easier and faster to work on sound material and makes it much more enjoyable.
We offer you advanced active studio monitor - Klasik 2020 and we are sure that it will open the way to even greater satisfaction with the effects of your creative work.

We designed and created monitor that:
- sounds even more natural,
- has a clearer and more transparent midrange,
- plays bass with more control and precision,
- has a more practical adjustments of bass depth,
- plays the sound material with less non-linear distortion,
- allows for higher sound levels of SPLmax,
- is equipped with an optical LED override indicator of the power tip "clipping",
- whole acoustic band has more dynamics.

Signex CPT96D25 x2

Signex CPT96D25 Isopatch 96 Way Bantam Patchbay with Rear DB25 Connectors

Hosa Balanced Snake DBD Cable 10ft x17

Designed to interconnect gear with DB25 sockets. It is ideal for use with mixing consoles, patch bays, and multitrack recorders.

Atacama SLX1000

Professional speaker stands.

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