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SSL AWS 924 Delta ATC SCM45A Bundle

Special Offer

The SSL AWS 924 Delta ATC SCM45A Bundle! Combining the hybrid AWS 924 delta console with ATC SCM45A monitors, stands and cables worth £7,750.

SSL AWS 924 Delta ATC SCM45A Bundle

For a limited time only. As part of the Funky Junk Gear Up For Christmas campaign, we're offering exclusive bundle offers on selected SSL consoles with monitors - contact us to discuss how we can help make your dream setup a reality!

Bundle Contents:

Saving you a huge £7,750!

SSL AWS 924 Delta

The most successful (and by far the largest selling) professional small format desk is the SSL AWS. The AWS924 offers 24 inputs (mic and line), eight groups with monitor/effects return, moving fader automation (awesomation…urgh), aux sends and returns and DAW control. Compact but sturdy it comes with legs and is reliable, relatively cool, self-contained (therefore having no need for external power supplies or a machine room), connects to patchbay and outside world by user-friendly industry standard D-subs and holds its value. It comes with 24 mic pres and the legendary SSL bus compressor. Also available in a sixteen channel (expandable) option…the AWS 916.

ATC SCM45A Pro - 3-Way Active Monitors

The ATC SCM45A Pro Active Studio Monitor is the most recent addition to the ATC mid-priced active monitor range, and is based upon the astonishingly popular ATC SCM25A Pro. The larger ported enclosure houses two nine inch bass drivers in addition to three inch mid and a tweeter to offer a more powerful bottom end with more headroom. Funksters Jamiroquai and Guitar Maestro Kevin Shields of My Bloody Valentine love them but I’m not sure if their neighbours do.

Atacama SLX 700 Speaker Stands (Pair)

The Atacama SLX Series is a professional range of speaker stands available in a wide range of height options and caters for when a larger top plate is required. Designed and manufactured in the UK. Dimensions: Height - 735mm, Top plate: Width 225mm & Depth 225mm, Base Plate: Width 305mm, Depth 305mm.

Adam Hall 4 Star Series XLR Cable 2.5m x2

Professional, balanced microphone cable practical for live use. Highly flexible cable material and REAN © XLR plugs make this cable the perfect choice for on stage. The tightly braded shielding ensures optimal audio transmission while keeping the cable highly flexible and rugged.

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